BeBuzz 10 Pro updated – Adds Headless Support & More!

Bellshare GmbH has released an updated version of their highly popular LED application for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the version to and is currently available in BlackBerry World. This update brings the long awaited headless mode to BlackBerry 10 devices. ake full control of your BlackBerry® 10 notification LED with BeBuzz, the original LED customization app for BlackBerry® that defined a whole new app category!

  • Added headless support (no need to keep running BeBuzz all the time)
  • Added support for calendar events/reminders
  • Added 30 more LED color combinations
  • Now detects your device’s notifications profile (normal, silent, all alerts off etc) and mutes LED, sound, vibrates accordingly
  • Removed popups (due to incompatibility with headless support; please revert to BB10 native toast notifications)
  • Removed silent mode switch (replaced by native profile detection support)

Head on over to BlackBerry World for the update.