Talk2Watch Pro brings BBM notifications to Pebble Smartwatch

I have been using my Pebble smartwatch with my BlackBerry Z30 for about a week and a half and I must say I love it. I have been using it with a combination of two applications Talk2Watch and the official Pebble app. This combo has worked out great for my until today with the update to Talk2Watch Pro.

Talk2Watch Pro has received a nice updated to bring BBM notifications to the Pebble smartwatch! For ScriptMode you will need a firmware which is at least Beta 2.0-4 installed on the watch. If you use an older version, ScriptMode can cause freezes (which can be solved with a hard reset).


Download the NerdBerry watch face for your Pebble smartwatch.

You can Pick up Talk2Watch Pro in BlackBerry World for just $3.99.