BlackBerry Invests in NantHealth


(Not the new symbol but I thought i’d have some fun)


So… BlackBerry Invests in NantHealth
Wait… Who? What?

“to converge ultra-low power semiconductor technology, supercomputing, high performance, secure advanced networks and augmented intelligence to transform how we work, play, and live.”

I’m sorry… WHAT?
In short cloud based healthcare information easily shared and accessible in a very very quick manner to the appropriate persons as and when requested.

“The NantHealth platform is installed at approximately 250 hospitals and connects more than 16,000 medical devices collecting more than 3 billion vital signs annually. Think about the possibilities when an enormous amount of data and computing power is accessible to doctors in the palm of their hands”

Now think, what is BlackBerry’s bread and butter? Sharing and Security.
What other platform is renown for being reliable, secure and efficent?

The move in my eyes is genius, to integrate current secure technology along with the development of a new BlackBerry smartphone that is essentially catered for health care professionals as the new device will specialize in viewing 3D images and CT scans but the device/s will still be able to play games, download apps and run as we would normally… you thinking BlackBerry Balance like I am? what better way to progress BlackBerry as a company?

BlackBerry stated:
“This investment and planned collaboration aligns with the reliability, security, and versatility of BlackBerry’s end-to-end solutions – from the embedded QNX operating system powering complex medical devices to secure cloud-based networks to instantaneous information sharing over BBM Protected and will include a device as well.”

Think about it, QNX is known and trusted in nuclear plants! it is used in a whole array of roles you and I could not even imagine! now think healthcare powered by BlackBerry, BBM and Cloud. The ability to send/receive information in department securely is another logical route that will prove to be beneficial for both healthcare in general but BlackBerry too!

Now only if these healthcare professionals could have a larger screen to view scans etc on…. *hint hint*

Sources: N4BB and CNBC