Client for Instagram now available for legacy BlackBerry devices

Talk about a blast from the past The Jared Company has launched a native Instagram client for legacy BlackBerry users and abusers! Their latest application dubbed Client for Instagram is currently available for the majority of the legacy devices out there.

** You can comment on a photo by using the menu key on your BlackBerry when you are on the comments screen of a photo. In the BlackBerry menu you will see a new menu item “COMMENT ON INSTAGRAM”.

Client for Instagram is the only app that lets you Post Pictures, Comment, and Like photos.

With the app you will be able to :

  • Register a new account
  • Post photos
  • Comment on posts
  • Like photos
  • View popular photos
  • Search tags / users
  • Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Perform searches to find photos of interest
  • View your own feed

When you run the app you will see a new menu item in the camera preview and photo browser screen called “Post to Instagram”. This will let you add a note and upload the photo to your Instagram feed.

While viewing photos in the feed you can click on the ‘Comments’ button to see all of the comments. In the comments screen there will be a new menu item in your BlackBerry menu “Comment on Instagram” which will let you add your own comment.

This app is not related to Instagram™ and was not developed by the Instagram™ developers.

Download Client for Instagram for Legacy BlackBerry devices