We just received a fax natively on our BlackBerry Z30 without an app!!!!

Okay, Okay, as the title suggests I did in fact receive a fax on my unlocked BlackBerry Z30 (official OS running on T-Mobile. This is in fact a long story that I have sent over to BlackBerry for confirmation on a ton of different angles, now I am just waiting for an official response as to how, what, when and so on… As you will see in the images below the faxes that came across my BlackBerry Z30 today. Now they did not come across as an image file, but did come across as a PDF which shocked me even more…

So we have been having some major issues with Comcast at work, it was bad dealing with the lose of phone lines. Anyway, Comcast finally showed up at the office today to fix the issue. We tested all of the phone lines including the fax line. Instead of sending a fax to another fax machine, I had the bright idea to just have it dial my Z30. As expected the call came through and I immediately declined the call. Once I declined the call I just walked away from the fax and went about my business. About 3-5 minutes later my Z30 dings, okay time to check it! I pulled the Z30 out of my pocket thinking someone just sent me a BBM, to my surprise I see what looks like a “Visual Voicemail” on my screen.

Check out this image it is the first so called “Visual Voicemail” at 4:38 PM:



The first thought was what the *&^%? First off I have never seen that icon as a “Visual Voicemail”. What is that?????? I opened the “Visual Voicemail” and BOOM this image appeared as a PDF!


Now I am like umm, did I just receive the fax on my BlackBerry device???? I thought to myself, quick grab something to fax yourself and do it again. So I did at 4:41 PM and I sent myself the fax below. As I faxed the document I stood at the fax machine and could clearly hear my voicemail pick up, then I heard the beep and that is when the magic happened. The fax was sent to my BlackBerry Z30!!!


I was like HOLY CRAP, I DID JUST RECEIVE A FAX ON MY BLACKBERRY Z30!!! Again just as the first image appeared and opened as a PDF so did the one above. After that I thought well maybe it was a fluke so I reached out to my near and dear NERDS Kendrick, Rick and Adam. I called all three of them individually through BBM Video. I screen shared my device as I walked them through each of the steps I had taken and before I opened each VM I asked them if they had ever seen this icon as a visual voicemail.


Of course their answer was no. At this point I opened the documents and showed them what I had received. It was in fact a fax that was received as a visual voicemail and opened as a PDF document. They were mind blown as they were in the same boat as me not seeing this before. This could be a fluke, but I highly doubt it. As we await a response from BlackBerry, have you received a fax natively to your BlackBerry 10 device? If so, or if you decide to try it yourself we want to know the outcome. Did it work? What network are are you on, what device and OS are you running? Let us know in the comments!

  • Faisal Ali

    What’s a fax? Just kidding, I’m surprised these things are still around given scanners and emails, but back to the topic, I had no clue this was possible on BlackBerry 10. Interesting indeed.

  • NerdBoss

    no go on my Z30 on TELUS network. I dont have that VVM tab on mine. dont have it on my account visual VM on my account either.

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  • Luis Merlos

    Worked for me I used an Efax service that I have for work Z30 on t-mobile os

  • Tequila Señor Teasé

    It worked for me on T-Mobile as well using os Z30

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    Wonder if it’s a T-Mobile quirk or anyone with Visual Voicemail can do this. Mind. Blown.

  • JimCanuck

    Neat discovery. For a Complete Fax solution: outbound, inbound, archive faxes, multiple recipients, etc. check out the recently released (and native) PamFax.3.0 for BlackBerry in App World.

  • iDefect

    When I was with Rogers they had visual voice mail I believe, but my telus z30 does not. Fax was a no go.

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