BlackBerry 10 Named ‘The World’s Best Mobile OS’


Have you ever wanted to compare the top five mobile OS’s out there; iOS, Windows Phone, HTC Sense, Android and BlackBerry 10? Well if you don’t have the means to pick up a device on all three platforms you are in luck, thanks to India’s most popular digital magazine diGit. diGit has pitted iOS (iPhone 5S), Windows Phone (Lumia1520), HTC Sense (One M8),Android (Nexus 5) and BlackBerry 10 (Z30) against one and other to see who fairs the best. Of coursethere was no doubt in my mind that BlackBerry Would land on top scoring a 56.91! Check out the chart below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.





  • I’m surprised Browser, Messaging & IM, and Notifications were so far behind the leaders in those categories. I thought the Browser was pretty comparable and BB was the clear best in the other two.

    On the other side, I’m surprised that BB won for Video. Sure, the Z30 is a good screen, but not the best and it doesn’t include apps like Netflix out of the box (it’s easy to load the APK, but most people don’t know that). Second for Photography is also a surprise to me; I know the Z30’s is better but my Z10’s camera is crap compared to the Lumia devices or the iPhone.

  • FSLMobile

    I don’t know how these numbers are to be read…
    I mean to me it’s normal to have bb on top of emails and contact.

    The search is quite surprising (not because it’s bad, but I wasn’t under the impression that others, especially android, were doing that bad).

    Photo is also a bit questionnable to me: Z30 doing better than lumia seems surprising.

    Browser is also very surprising to me. I clearly can visit plenty of sites with my Z30 that I can’t even see with my iphone. and what is even more surprising is that the WP8.1 has a better score were I can see plenty of problems I never had wit my Z30.

    Lastly: Notifications. Even with the lack of functionnalities we have in standard 10.2 (with no other app improving it), the notification center is far better than IOS one…
    BTW BB please bring us back the same profile center that we had in BBOS7 please, oh please.

    Again, these number doesn’t reflect reality to me.

    However my Z30 rocks and I will not change it from being my daily driver against any of the other phones of the list : It’s definitely the best.