250 copies of Hub Browser up for grabs!

Just a few days ago, our good friend Toby from Tundra Core Studios, let us know that they had released a huge update for Hub Browser for BlackBerry 10. Today we have teamed up with Toby and Tundra Core Studios to bring you an awesome giveaway! We have 250 copies of Hub Browser up for grabs!

Hub Browser is a feature-rich supplementary app for your BlackBerry 10 Browsing Experience. It is not intended to replace the stock browser, or other aftermarket web browsing applications that you may be using but instead, it’s intended to help viewing links easier and to help you be more productive on your BlackBerry 10 device.

You can thank Toby by adding the Tundra Core Studios BBM Channel (C00120C46). Also make sure you are following our official NerdBerry BBM channel (C000F0BF2) for more!

While in BlackBerry World swipe down from the top and click “Redeem” then use code “HUBBROWSERNBPROMO” to get your very own copy of Hub Browser

Head on over to BlackBerry World to get your copy today!