BlackBerry Classic slated for December release

Not too long ago BlackBerry CEO John Chen was a guest speaker at MIT Enterprise Forum in Hong Kong.

While there Mr. Chen spoke about the struggles the company has faced and what they have been doing to change course and pointing the ship in the right direction so to speak.

Chen reiterated how BBM went cross platform and the release of the BlackBerry Z3 with the Foxxconn partnership.

On top of all that Chen made mention that BES 12 will be launched on November 13th, while the Classic will follow a month later on December 13th ( most people missed that part).

That part can be heard at 1:05:54 mark of the video above. The interesting part is this follows the 2014 global road map that was leaked by earlier this year which did not show a Classic release in November. ( despite what Chen said in the past).

If the Classic is released on December 13th it will most likely push sales toward Q1 2015 for the Enterprise market.