Power Tools updated to v6.0


If anyone is still unfamiliar with what Power Tools is. It is a wonderful productivity application that wraps great features into an all in one tool.

Things like battery tracking, custom LED colors for contact to apps, blocking calls messages, tracking daily use of your device and scheduled alarms and notifications and many more, this is the app that enhances power users lives with their BlackBerry.

What’s new in version 6?

  • New PowerBot application – The PowerBot app will monitor the Power Tools Service in the background and ensure it is running all the time. If Power Tools Service needs restarted you will get Hub message notification and PowerBot will automatically restart Power Tools Service. If PowerBot itself crashed then it cannot communicate with Power Tools. If this happens you will have to manually restart PowerBot or reset your device.
  • New Popup Messages for BlackBerry OS10.3 and higher – Setup email accounts and text message to popup new messages as it arrives. The message popups on whatever screen you are on. You can set to popup immediately when the message arrives or only when unlock the screen. No more have to go through the Hub to read, mark read or delete the message. You cannot reply with Popup Messages.
  • New Home Screen Shortcuts – You can access the new Shortcuts in the Application Settings screen. You can create different Home Screen shortcuts to control Power Tools and other functions. Possible shortcuts are: Turn on and off Speech, Send Delayed Messages, Create Blank icon, set Sound Profiles eg: set Vibrate, Silent from 15 minutes to 6 hours. The shortcut will automatically set the previous Sound Profile back. Power Tools UI app does not need to be running to run the shortcuts on the Home Screen. Shortcuts give you quick way to access Power Tool features.
  • Sound Profile Shortcut – If you want to set the system Sound Profile mode to Silent or Vibrate for 1 hour. Then simply create the shortcut icon and then when you want to use it just run the shortcut on the HomeScreen. When the time expires Power Tools will set the Sound Profile back to the original Sound Profile. This is a very handy way to set the Sound Profile. An option to not allow other Power Tools tasks to change the Sound Profile until the shortcut profile is completed.
  • New Talk Time Limit – You can limit the talk time minutes on all calls, incoming only or outgoing only for OS10.2. On OS10.3 you have the same features as OS10.2 plus you can add the caller’s phone number to the contacts database and set the number of minutes to limit. You can set a reminder to vibrate 30 seconds before Power Tools will hang-up the code.
  • New Cell Tower for Goefencing – If you find GPS is not good enough than you can use Cell Tower. The only negative side to cell tower is that there are many cell towers and sometimes not all towers are visible. This could cause problems when a new tower is introduced.
  • Added Day and Time Tab to Geofencing screen – This allows you to set a day and time to change when you enter or leave the location. Profile will only change if day and time are within the limits. If stay at a location and the time is past the profile time, Power Tools will not change the profile when you leave the location.
  • Added Filter search in the Message Blocker screen – Select from the menu. This allows you to search for a filter in the database.
  • Fixed the LED when you delete an unread text message – The LED now stops.
  • Fixed the Run Filters – Now includes text messages.

Users who use Power Tools say it’s the best all in one App for your BlackBerry device. The app is available at $4.99 on BlackBerry World