Seidio launches cases for the BlackBerry Classic!

Seidio has just launched a new case lineup for the BlackBerry Classic! Currently you can pick up the CONVERT Combo for the BlackBerry Classic for just $49.95, this case is a beast if I do say so myself. Along with the CONVERT case, Seidio has also launched SURFACE Combo for the BlackBerry Classic. The SURFACE Combo is currently running $49.99 as well.

So on my way to work this morning I stopped by Seidio’s headquarters here in Houston to pick up two brand new cases for the BlackBerry Classic. We picked up the CONVERT Value Pack in black (cost $69.95)  for the BlackBerry Classic which includes two different holsters and one massive case that can be broken down so that you can use the inner SURFACE case with the second holster. We also picked up the SURFACE Combo in royal blue. the SURFACE can be picked up in royal blue, black, red and gold.

IMG_20150211_091941 IMG_20150211_092017

One thing to mention is that Seidio is currently working on a CONVERT case line for the BlackBerry Passport. It is still underdevelopment, but hopefully we will see it soon!

Bet your bottom dollar we will be working on the reviews for each of these case lineups very soon. You can check out the SURFACE case here and the CONVERT case here.

Check out all of the offerings for the BlackBerry Classic here and for the BlackBerry Passport here.