BlackBullet beta updated to v0.4.7.1


If you are using Pushbullet client BlackBullet, you will be happy to know that they have released a brand new update to their application even though it is still in beta this update is a must. check out whats new in the changelog below.

What’s new in version

  • added support for Subscriptions (Channels)
  • when filtering from devices or contacts tab the selected tab changes now correctly to the inbox
  • filter functionality for Subscriptions (Channels)
  • fixed a small bug in the icon image caching
  • reduced the packaging size by 900kB in comparison to the previous version
  • in case you have the CB10 app installed and subscribed to CrackBerry News the articles are getting now a preview directly within BlackBullet, with a single button press you get then directly to this article within the CB10 app to comment on or to share
  • some layout corrections at the title bar
  • new Filter functionality for pushes where Contacts were involved
  • new shortcut filter buttons at the device Tab
  • new shortcut filter buttons at the contacts Tab
  • larger Inbox Filter Area when expanded
  • faster reaction time when applying a Filter
  • fixed hopefully a small glitch at the ActiveFrame
  • more reliable loading mechanism when a lot of items are getting in at the same time (including new status messages)
  • fixed a bug at the activity indicator in the upper left corner
  • fixed a bug with the Talk2Watch and Pebble integration (this should work now again as before)
  • the close prompt gets now removed instantly in case a user upgrades to the pro version
  • updated documentation
  • several important improvements in the push service integration

Head on over to BlackBerry World to download BlackBullet