Evernote for BlackBerry 10 enters the Beta Zone

Evernote has just released a brand new beta update for their popular BlackBerry 10 application Evernote. This update takes the version to v5.6.0.64 and it is currently available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. This award winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as everything instantly synchronizes from your BlackBerry® to the Web to your Mac or Windows desktop.

Easily search for notes created on your desktop or web using your BlackBerry®. Whether from last week or last year, all your memories are in one place, available whenever you need them. You can even search for printed or handwritten text within your snapshots – great for business cards, whiteboards, and wine labels.

Evernote beta v5.6.0.64 features:

  • Your notebook list now contains all notebooks shared with you
  • You have full read access to the content of those notebooks
  • Those notebooks should sync so you get the latest content

**Evernote have noted the limitations is this beta version, as well. Full list of limitations are:

  • Initial sync time will be increased because, in addition to syncing personal notes and notebooks, linked notebooks will be synced as well.
  • Notes in these notebooks won’t include text snippets (Work in Progress)
  • You cannot edit the notebooks shared with you. (Work in Progress)
  • You cannot see tags from notes shared with you in your tag list. (Currently out of service)

Head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for the limited beta update for BlackBerry.