Snap v3 Beta 3 now available

RedLightOLove has just released an update to Snap v3. This update dubbed Snap version 3 Beta 3 comes in at version and is available to be sideloaded on a BlackBerry 10 device near you! Snap lets you login to your Google Play account and download your purchased and free apps to your BlackBerry 10 device. Thanks to a Tweet from @RedLightOLove we now know that Snap version 3 will be available soon.

What’s new?

  • Fixed download issues for some (Logout and login again if you are having trouble)
  • Fixed accidental activation of More button while scrolling
  • Fixed horizontal tab scrolling (now only scrolls one pane at a time)
  • More layout fixes for Passport
  • Renamed “Available” to “Library” in My Apps
  • Added Downloads to action bar
  • Fixed another issue when pressing Download button before App page loads completely
  • Added donate button
  • App version, download size, and release date moved lower on App Page
  • Content rating, developer email, num downloads added to App Page

The know issues list is shrinking!

  • Some users unable to download any apps (still working on resolving all issues)
  • Ability to move APKs after install is not included in this build
  • After updating an app, it still appears in the My Apps -> Updates screen until app restart
  • Only Bright theme is available
  • On Browse page, when scrolling if accidentally touch the “More” button, it will navigate to that page instead of scrolling. (Fixed in Beta 3)
  • If network becomes unavailable, no notification is made (Fixed in Beta 3)
  • While on app page, Add Bookmark, Share, and Open in Browser currently point to home page of the Google Play web store (Fixed in Beta 2)
  • Encoding issues with non-latin character sets. (Fixed in Beta 2)
  • Snap v3 is optimized for Z10, Z30, and Z30. Passport, Classic, and Q10/Q5 layout issues will be resolved in a later Beta build. (Fixed in Beta 2)
  • “What’s new” missing for apps that have an update available (Fixed in Beta 2)

Head on over to Red Light Of Love for the download.

  • It’s awesome to see Snap is still being developed. With all the options to install Android files available, this is still my preferred method.

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