Leaked OS upgrade files for the BlackBerry Passport

Today is a good day for BlackBerry Passport owners! OS upgrade files have leaked out for just the BlackBerry Passport. It is being said that this OS offers the fix for the screen flickering issues that have plagued us Passport owners for sometime. Instructions and file links are below, let us know in the comments what you think about this update.

These are the OS .2480 upgrade files for the BlackBerry Passport only. It is suggested that this release has the Passport screen flicker fix in it. In order to load it onto your device, download Sachesi, plug in your device, go to the install tab, hit the install folder box, choose the presumably extracted folder and let it install the files until it installs all 70, unless there is files you specifically decided to leave out.

If you get warnings, they’re safe to ignore assuming you actually read the fact these are for the Passport only and you’re not loading them on some other device. At this point, there is no autoloaders, there is no files for other devices and the possible issues/additions aren’t fully known plus, you need to already have 2243 or 2267 installed as you’ll be overwriting it with these. You dig? Alright then. Get to it.

Mega: http://bla1ze.me/1B7Ittu

PS: You should probably reboot or some shiznit like that after its all done.. or don’t. I don’t care either way lulz!

Hat tip @jmznvs

Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for anything this does to your device. Please do not attempt to load this unless you are comfortable with what you are doing. You will need a Windows machine to use the loader, but if you do load it drop us a comment letting us know how it runs.

Via: CB Forums