Do you miss Adobe Flash on 10.3.1? Here is how to get it back!

For those of us who have been hard at it with the BlackBerry 10 world have known for some time that along with the 10.3.1 leaks and eventual update BlackBerry has moved away from using Adobe Flash for the browser. This had a lot of people upset, but we have a fix for it.

If you don’t want to go the Android browser route with Flash Fox or Dolphin then all you need to do is head on over to and then

  • Download the Flash Enabled Browser
  • Sideload the file to your BlackBerry device
  • Download
  • Browse to the Device/misc folder on your phone, and create a “plugins” folder (no quotes)
  • Copy to /Device/misc/plugins
  • Launch the Flash Browser (if it is already running, close and reopen it) and go play Flash games!

And just like this you have a flash browser just like before 10.3.1. 🙂

Via: CB