Video: Seidio SURFACE Case for the BlackBerry Classic

In the search for a case for the BlackBerry Classic that fits my needs, we take a look at the Seidio SURFACE case. Over the years we have tried and test many Seidio cases and it seems I always come back to Seidio’s products.

The SURFACE combo case contains the case as well as a holster. In the above video and images below you will see that the SURFACE case is felt lined offering what I refer to is a comfy fit for my device. In actuality the felt lining offers more protection from scratches while sliding the case over the device. The outer case offers a soft-touch coating (rubberized texture) on the case, which makes the case grip well and fit well in your hands.

The SURFACE holster like the case is felt lined as well. The felt on the holster is designed to offer display and keypad protection from scratches. Under the felt is a magnet that places the BlackBerry Classic into sleep mode when the device is holstered, thus saving a ton of battery life. Thanks to the spring clip the Classic is stored securely and face in, so if you bump into things the device is fully protected.

Overall if you are looking for a lightweight case that offers four corner protection for your BalckBerry Classic you should really consider the SURFACE case, with or without the holster.

The SURFACE case is available in black, blue, red and gold. You can purchase the SURFACE case combo from Seidio directly for just $49.95. If you are not interested in the holster portion of the SURFACE combo kit you can purchase just the SURFACE case by itself for just $29.95.

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