BBM Protected now available for Android and iOS devices

BlackBerry has just rolled out BBM Protected for iOS and Android devices. So, if you are looking for enterprise-grade secure instant messaging service then BBM Protected is what you have been looking for.

BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade secure instant messaging service with all the features of a consumer IM app, the hardening of on-premise security together with the convenience of a cloud service. All messages are encrypted using keys generated by the communicating mobile devices themselves. This BlackBerry innovation effectively prevents ‘man in the middle’ hacker attacks, providing greater security than competing encryption schemes, and earning BBM Protected FIPS 140-2 validation by the U.S. Department of Defense.


End-User Experience

At enterprises that have deployed BBM Protected, employees can initiate an encrypted BBM Protected conversation with other BBM Protected users inside or outside of the organization. However, they can also initiate BBM Protected conversations with non-BBM Protected users within or outside their organization whenever security is paramount. You’ll then see one of the two screens above, depending on whether its your or their organization that actually owns BBM Protected. All the “non-Protected” party requires is the free BBM app downloaded from iOS App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry World.

Once the BBM Protected connection is established with the non-BBM Protected user, either user can initiate a secure chat environment at any time. Connect with your high-profile clients in a trusted environment, while offering a differentiator from your competitors with this new feature.

IT Admin Experience

Best of all, this feature is easy to deploy and manage. Simply turn on using IT policies. Similarly, the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry Admin Console – a service provided for user and entitlement management when BBM Protected subscriptions are purchased – makes BBM Protected cross-platform management seamless, putting the control back in the hands of the IT administrator. BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iPhone, and Android devices are managed in this single, cloud-based console. There’s no new hardware to purchase, no new servers to install, and no new OS updates are required.

Ready to deploy BBM Protected?

Experience the productivity and competitive advantages of an enterprise-grade mobile IM platform that delivers, while mitigating the vulnerability of data within your organization and for your customers.

Visit BBM Protected or contact your BlackBerry Account Manager for a free 30-Day trial.


Via: BlackBerry Biz Blog