Quick Launch for BlackBerry 10 updated

Toysoft Development Inc has just released and update to Quick Launch – Application Launcher. This update brings the version to and it is currently available in BlackBerry World for just $1.99. Quick Launch allows you to launch applications and shortcuts from anywhere on the device. No matter which application is currently running. Create new categories of Launcher for unlimited buttons for Websites, phone calls, BBM, email, text message, files such as documents, spreadsheets, power point slides, pdf files, pictures and videos. Have instant access to your everyday applications, websites and files.

Quick Launch can launch all of the social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Four Square. PIM applications Calendar and Contacts. Display a picture with Pictures Viewer and play a song or video with Media Player. Launch DocsToGo to open a document, spreadsheet or slide show. Launch the Assistant, Camera, Clock or File manager with press of a button.

Create unlimited phone speed dials, email and text message templates. There is no need to go to the Hub and to Compose messages any more. Just press the Activation key to open Quick Launch and open the Contact or compose a new mail or text message.

To add more customization you can set a different text color, font size, bold or italic text to the button. You can even add a graphic symbol to the button text.

What’s new in version 2?

  • Added new Attribute tab in the Launcher screen
  • Added button text color. Now you can color code all the Launcher buttons
  • Added button font size. Select from font size from 6 to 16
  • Added button text Bold or Italic
  • Added Symbol graphic to button text. You can add a symbol graphic to the begin, end or begin and end of the button name. More customization than before
  • Added BBM Chat, Audio and Video launchers. Select from the Default drop down list in the edit launcher screen. Put in the user’s PIN and instantly launch BBM
  • Added Hub accounts. Select Hub or a Hub account and instantly open that account.

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