A look a the AT&T BlackBerry Passport

Our great friend and NerdBerry Contributor @Jew4BlackBerry has put together a great image gallery of the AT&T BlackBerry Passport and Limited Edition BlackBerry Passport. Check out what Reuben had to say about the AT&T Passport.

The BlackBerry Passport from AT&T is a welcomed edition to the BlackBerry family. It doesn’t differ much from the original Passport but it has some subtle differences. It has a much softer keyboard which allows to type a bit quicker. The edges are rounded as opposed to cornered like the original one. It has a larger chin on the bottom and of course it has the AT&T on the back of the device.

All other specifications are the same. It comes with 10.3.1 out of the box which is the newest operating system from BlackBerry.

We compared the AT&T variant up against an unlocked Limited Edition Red BlackBerry Passport below:

IMG_20150409_131122 IMG_20150409_131106 IMG_20150409_131159 IMG_20150409_131212 IMG_20150407_111124 IMG_20150407_111139 IMG_20150407_111215