QuickPost updated to v2.2


One of the coolest applications we have been using here at NerdBerry is QuickPost. QuickPost lets you “Type once, post everywhere”.  You can post messages to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM Channels, BBM Groups, WhatsApp and update your BBM status all at once! QuickPost has received an update to version 2.2 and is currently available in BlackBerry World. This update brings the following:

What’s new?

  • Introducing: Instagram – Sharing to instagram has never been easier with the addition of Inst10 and iGrann!
  • New Start Screen – The QP Startup process has been enhanced with a new start screen.
  • Enhanced Target Picker – Share targets are now always visible, and QP will skip any that don’t support the post.
  • Welcome Page Easy Access – Miss the welcome page on the first launch? Now you can open it again from the Help library.
  • Fix: QP Music Missing Album Art, Part 2 – Properly recognizes when album art is available when playing a video.

Pro Updates:

  • Share Target Reset – The new ‘Reset’ button on the share target customization page allows you to reset all your share targets to their default settings.
  • Increased URL Shortening Quota – Due to a higher than expected demand for the QP URL Shortening feature, Google started cutting off QP users after a collective daily limit was hit. This update vastly increases this limit and allows us to further increase it OTA in the future.
  • Cloud Sync Reliability – Fixed a bug that could cause your saved settings to be lost if QP was closed before the initial load was completed.

Head on over to BlackBerry World to purchase QuickPost for just $.99