Did you miss the BES12 Cloud: Mobility Made Easy webcast? Check out the replay!

If you are like many I know you may have missed the BES12 Cloud: Mobility Made Easy webcast. if so fear not! BlackBerry has you covered with a replay of the webcast. The webcast originally aired on April 29th and was hosted by BlackBerry’s Principal Analyst Brian Bernard.

BES12 Cloud is an intuitive, low-cost and highly secure EMM solution that is hosted by BlackBerry over the Internet. You only need a supported web browser to access the service and BlackBerry maintains high availability, to minimize downtime for your users. Optionally, you can connect your on-premises company directory to BES12 Cloud, to simplify management of users and groups! BES12 Cloud is an easy solution that’s flexible and scalable enough to securely meet the needs of organizations large or small — with no in-house IT required.

Check out the BES12 Cloud: Mobility Made Easy webcast replay