Reddit In Motion gets updated to v2.4.2

Reddit in motion

If you are a Reddit users and a BlackBerry 10 user and you are not using Reddit In Motion, you are missing out! Reddit In Motion has just receved an update to version 2.4.2 and is currently available in BlackBerry World. Reddit in Motion is a native Reddit client, built using Cascades to give users the fastest and smoothest Reddit browsing experience possible. It is fully featured, completely free and supports BlackBerry 10 devices as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook!

What’s new?

  • Links in self text work again
  • WebView images are smaller
  • Subreddits are now sorted Alphabetically (Thanks to Azr79)
  • Fixed action bar hiding when scrolling on devices running OS 10.3
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribing from subreddits
  • Other general bug fixes and improvements

Keep in mind that the developer is still working on the video bug. Let us know what you think about this update in the comments.

Head on over to BlackBerry World to download Reddit In Motion