BBM Beta for iOS updated to v2.9.0.6

BlackBerry has rolled out a brand new update to BBM beta for iOS devices. This update takes the version to and brings lots of bug fixes and improvements to the timed message and message retraction features. Check out the changelog below and let us know what you think about the update in the comments.

What’s New this Build?

  • Edit Messages with the Timed Message and Message Retract Subscription! – Users can now retract, edit, and send a new message to replace a message that is accidentally sent. The original message is retracted immediately, and pasted into the input field for quick editing and sending!
  • Submit Bug Reports from the Main Screen! – You can now report bugs from the left-menu on the main screen of BBM: Select Left-Menu from the Main Screen Select Report a Problem > Send Report by E-Mail > Fill-out all relevant fields.

Lots of Bug Fixes! Look forward to fixes for some of your most reported concerns:

  • Truncated title and description after rotation
  • Featured Channels’ avatars displayed on top of bottom margin
  • Navigation Bar Channel Avatar is wrong aspect ratio and squished
  • BBM crashes or freezes when Callee answers and Caller hangs up almost at the same time
  • Entering Arabic numbers as PIN won’t work for ‘Type a PIN to start a chat’
  • Arabic layout for chat scrambles up when rotating screen
  • Emoticons cover text when replacing text

Known Issues

  • Right hand side menu does not update
  • Dropbox attachment won’t be displayed properly right after sending a Replace message
  • Share