Inbox Zero by Emberify launched exclusively for BlackBerry 10


Pune, India (June 5th, 2015) – Emberify launched Inbox Zero v2 with the ability of managing flagged emails. Inbox Zero allows users to put off unread email as a reminder for later. It is an email productivity app with a quick snooze options for emails. It is also featured in BBM Top Picks! It syncs directly with the hub.
Users can quickly manage their emails through Inbox Zero and set the unimportant ones for the future. This allows users to focus only on what is important right now. The update also brings in bug fixes and enhanced performance. Inbox Zero now has the ability to let the user manage flagged emails in one place and add reminders to them.

Key features of Inbox Zero:
1. Put off unread emails with a reminder for the future
2. Manage flagged emails with reminders
3. Pre-defined reminders like today evening, tomorrow morning,
weekend, next week, next month or even custom options available
4. Get popup reminders
5. Built with adaptive theme
6. Turbo Reader Integrated

“With apps like Inbox by Gmail and Mailbox not available for BlackBerry 10, Inbox Zero comes with native abilites to boost productivity while syncing to the hub,” says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.

Inbox Zero is a key utility for BlackBerry prosumers because of their extensive use of email.

Inbox Zero for BlackBerry 10 is available on BlackBerry World for $1.99 worldwide:

For BES/Work Space email contact:

For more about adaptive themes and for developers to integrate it in their app:

Emberify is a startup working on consumer based analytic and utility apps. Using contextual information, Emberify aims to create a more relevant mobile experience for their users. Emberify is a BlackBerry Enterprise Partner as well.
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