Instant from Emberify Updated to v3.0

Pune, India (June 19th, 2014) – Emberify launches Instant 3.0 for BlackBerry 10. Instant is a lifestyle app that will automatically track the time spent on the BlackBerry device each day and how many times you check it. Instant now also comes with Adaptive theme!

Key features of Instant:

  • Automatically tracks daily device usage, works even in the background seamlessly as a headless app.
  • Set daily limits and reminders, which reach straight to the hub throughout the day.
  • Analyze your daily usage trends through the history.
  • Now also track how many times you check your device
  • Adaptive theme integrated

“Instant is a lifestyle app to help users to understand their phone usage trends and limit it according to their needs,” says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.

The app is a key utility for BlackBerry prosumers because of their busy professional lifestyle. Availability

Instant for BlackBerry 10 is available on BlackBerry World for $ 0.99 worldwide for a limited period.

Emberify is a startup working on consumer based analytic and utility apps. Using contextual information, Emberify aims to create a more relevant mobile experience for their users.

Head on over to BlackBerry World to purchase Instant.