Talk2Watch Pro updated v30.0.5.6; Adds support for Pebble Time

It has been a bit of time since we have seen an update for Talk2Watch Pro. This update brings the version to and Pebble Time support, including music control, appstore and Timeline pins.

What’s new with Talk2Watch Pro v30.0.5.6?

Original Pebble

  • Improved App Locker integration

Pebble Time

  • Phone alerts
  • Music control
  • Notifications show up in a fitting color and use their own icons (Twitter/Facebook/…). Twitter notifications can be retweeted or favorited via Android Wear like actions. SMS and emails can be dismissed or replied.
  • The AppStore is working and able to install firmware updates and new applications. The user is able to install apps directly from the watch via app fetch. JavaScript apps can be used and configured.
  • Timeline Pins are available for calendar events and weather forecasts (units can be set via the settings page)

Download the NerdBerry watch face for your Pebble smartwatch.You can Pick up Talk2Watch Pro in BlackBerry World for just $4.99.