T-Mobile rolling out WiFi Calling update for the BlackBerry Classic!

T-Mobile has started rolling out BlackBerry OS version which includes T-Mobile’s famous WiFi calling feature! If you have an unlocked BlackBerry 10 device on T-Mobile you can try sideloading the Bar file onto your device. We have not yet tested to see if this file will work or not.

Starting September 30, the BlackBerry Classic will have a software update to BlackBerry OS version / software release This update provides features and improvements.

To update your BlackBerry Classic to BlackBerry OS version, please follow the steps below :

  1. From your BlackBerry Classic’s home screen, swipe down from the top screen and select Settings.
  2. After, select Software Updates followed by Check for Updates.
  3. A software update should be available if the device’s OS has not already been upgraded. Select Install.
  4. Agree to BlackBerry’s license agreement (you should read it, but it’s necessary to agree to proceed).
  5. Once the download and installation processes are done, select ‘Yes’ to restart the phone.

Before upgrading your handset’s OS, please make sure that your device’s battery life is 50% and has a decent amount of memory for the update package to be downloaded to the smartphone. You may be prompted to use Wi-Fi if there are problems with your data plan.

T-Mobile users who want to control WiFi Calling on their device should download and sideload this BAR file: