T-Mobile will NOT stock the BlackBerry Priv

Over the last few days I have tried reaching out to T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Twitter (@JohnLegere) a few time to see if and when T-Mobile would be stocking the BlackBerry Priv. With no response @JordyC87 hit up @TMobileHelp with the same question we had. To my amazement T-Mobile actually replied to the Tweet. Thanks to @Jameshjacksonjr for copying us on the ReTweet, we now know T-Mobile will not be offering the BlackBerry Priv… You can check out their official response below, be sure and let us and T-Mobile know how you feel about not being able to get the device from them directly.

  • Tailor00

    LAAAAAAME. I hope by the time the Passport with Android comes out they will be restocking it.

  • this is wrong btw

  • I see little chance that Sprint will if T Mobile won’t. Makes me sad, and pissed.

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