Massive Update for Dossier Arrives in BlackBerry World

Featured ImageBRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM – Tundra Core Studios Limited, a secure software specialist company                    focusing on Enterprise & Business-orientated apps whilst providing secure web hosting & design services to organizations of any size, today released an update to ‘Dossier’ – the highly-popular client management solution which now provides users with an array of new features.

Dossier is a native BlackBerry 10 application dedicated to keeping vital information and files on contacts that are relevant to your business from clients to suppliers whilst keeping the data safe and secure through on-device secure techniques. It allows you to have complete fingertip access to your client files when you are mobile and away from the office.

Dossier really is for the fast paced business individual who needs easy access to client files enabling quick responsive decisions for today’s demanding clients. Answer that query by reviewing the documents having a coffee or waiting for a train & give the client the unique customer service they desire. No longer restricting you to the office to view those important documents and allowing you to be free to travel, meet clients or find that rare commodity and time to relax.

Alternatively, it is as equally suited to individuals who simply need all their files, contacts & documentation stored in one easily accessed but safe location on their mobile.

Sync files from your laptop, desktop, tablet & server direct to your phone. It is all possible with Dossier.

Over the last several months, we have been collating a large amount of feedback – that has come from our users – and by collating this information, we have been able to identify the areas in which are doing well and areas that our users require additional usability as well as providing us the ability to refine and improve the Dossier experience as a whole. Through receiving this feedback, we have taken the necessary steps to further improve the Dossier experience as a key tool in many organisations across the world and by doing so, we have implemented fundamental factors which will become of use to our customers where the usability has been greatly improved thanks to the implementation of the ability to store multiple client phone numbers and email addresses as well as now being able to export client data to a CSV file – which will enable you to interchange data between Dossier and other software.” Says Toby Clench, of Tundra Core Studios Limited.

The full list of additions, fixes and improvements have been outlined below:

  • ADDED: Ability to add an individual file to an existing file or to create a new file, when sharing into Dossier
  • ADDED: Ability to export clients to CSV
  • ADDED: Ability to store multiple email addresses & phone numbers, for each client
  • ADDED: Deletion of client files, from device, when the client gets deleted
  • ADDED: Option to sort clients by company name
  • ADDED: Setting to automatically save all email addresses & phone numbers, for each client (Settings > Connectivity)
  • ADDED: Setting to hide file information (Settings > Appearance)
  • FIXED: Apostrophe causing client or file record to not be added to Dossier
  • FIXED: Search Client functionality (now uses an entirely new system for quicker searches)
  • IMPROVED: App speed (users with a large amount of clients will now see speed improvements)
  • IMPROVED: Application opening times
  • IMPROVED: Card Client Search functionality
  • IMPROVED: Client search
  • IMPROVED: Extended search
  • IMPROVED: File invocation sharing
  • IMPROVED: Individual file search
  • IMPROVED: Multiple client email functionality
  • IMPROVED: Search capabilities
  • IMPROVED: Editing of files: individual files will now be deleted correctly
  • IMPROVED: Importing of files through invocation

The range of features found within ‘Dossier’ are endless and with planned integration with additional productivity applications – as part of our Productivity Suite – coming soon, you should download ‘Dossier’ today at the Sale price of £0.75 ($0.99) from the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.


Dossier, for BlackBerry 10, is available to download on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront at the introductory sale price of £0.75 ($0.99) worldwide:

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