BlackBerry Rolls Out Tons of Updates For Android; Including BBM, HUB, Blackberry Launcher and much more!


BlackBerry has just started December with a bang! Just yesterday, BlackBerry rolled out an update to BBM that included very long messages, Access all Free Stickers in one tap from BBM Discovery Tab, More secure Sign In for Users who Signed Up with Phone and bug fixes. No I just opened Google Play on the Priv and boom there is even more app updates. Today’s app updateds include BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry HUB, BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Password Keeper, BlackBerry Contacts, BlackBerry Notes and BlackBerry Tasks,

BlackBerry Calendar

  • Allow users to change event calendars after creation
  • Fixed missing indication of who forwarded an event
  • Contact birthday/anniversary intergration
  • Bug Fixes and performance improvements.

BlackBerry HUB

  • Added setting for default sending account
  • Support for veiwing .eml attachments
  • Toggle to remove an account from Hub and stop syncing it.
  • Added contact avatars to Hub email notifications
  • Improved rendering for rich formatted HTML emails
  • Fixed issue with some attachments not downloading
  • Bug Fixes and performance improvements.

BlackBerry Keyboard

This release provides enhancements to language switching, new Chinese input methods, support for unlocking Password Keeper autofill with a fingerprint, and general performance improvements. The release includes:

  • Visual enhancements and quicker response when you switch languages
  • New Chinese input methods like Stroke and Zhuyin
  • Ability to unlock Password Keeper autofill with a fingerprint (if your device has a fingerprint sensor)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Launcher

  • Added a dynamic date to the Calendar home screen icon
  • Added a BlackBerry Launcher icon for non-BlackBerry devices
  • Fixed a blank space issue above the navigation bar
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

BlackBerry Password Keeper

  • The new built-in browser lets you open and log in to webpages directly from Password Keeper
  • Unlock autofill with your fingerprint directly from the BlackBerry Keyboard
  • A new password font makes it easier to distinguish similar characters
  • Support for non-Latin characters (including Chinese)

BlackBerry Contacts

  • Added ability to hide specific contact accounts and stop sync
  • Bug fixes for contacts sometimes not showing up in search
  • Fixed bug with DAV accounts that have different usernames and email addresses to use appropriate details
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Notes

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

BlackBerry Tasks

  • Ability to hide completed tasks
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

To download all of the above updates just head on over to Google Play on your device!