Twitter for BlackBerry Updated to v2.1.0.18 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Twitter for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.1.0.18 in the Beta Zone! Hit the break for more info!


WhatsApp Messenger Gets An Update To v2.6.9372

WhatsApp just got update to v2.6.9372. No changelog is currently available.

crunchSMS Gets An Update To v3.18

crunchSMS, the SMS messaging platform, was updated to v3.18. The changelog is performance improvements and bug fixes.

BlackBerry Bridge has Been Updated To v1.0.7.4

RIM is sending out an update from Blackberry Bridge. This version of Bridge is, this update could mean one of two things. 1) this update brings Bridge capiablitity to Beta OS 2.0 or 2) there could be an update on the way for PlayBook OS 1! I am downloading the update as I type […]

RIM Offers How To Downgrade Steps from PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta to v1.0.7

A lot of people have been asking me to walk them through downgrading the OS on the PlayBook to v1.0.7. Well, RIM has posted the steps for downgrading to v1.0.7! Hit the break for more info!

Tether for BlackBerry Receives A Huge Price Reduction!

The Tether tean let us know that their popular application Tether for Blackberry has recived a huge price reduction! Here is what they had to say:

Tank Recon 3D Available for BlackBerry 7 Devices

I have to admit Tank Recon 3D was the one of the first 3D games that I loved on my Blackberry Storm 2 and now it is available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, Torch 9810 and Torch 9850/9860. A first person tank shooter game all in 3D will keep you busy for hours! And you […]

Video: Premium Apps for Free at BlackBerry App World – Thank You Gift from BlackBerry

A selection of premium apps will be offered free of charge to active BlackBerry customers as an expression of appreciation for their patience. The various apps will become available (free of charge) on BlackBerry App World on different dates between October 19 – November 30. All of these apps will remain available to download at […]

Jingu Avatars Gets An Update To v1.4.1 + Now Get Jingu Smileys As A Separate App

Jingu Avatar gets an update to v1.4.1. What’s included in the update? OS7 support bug fixes creation of the Jingu Smileys as a separate app

Caro Gets Updated to v1.4.2

Caro for BlackBerry has been updated to v1.4.2. What is Caro? Caro is a TicTacToe like game with 15×15 grid field and 5 same symbols in a row will win.Row, Column, Diagonal) With BBM Social Platform integration, Caro allows BBM friends playing with each other. With Facebook integration, Caro activities are shared onto player’s Facebook […]

BBM Music Updated to v1.0.0.130 and Released in App World!!

BBM Music has been updated to v1.0.0.130 and released in App World! What countries are supported? BBM Music has been updated to v1.0.0.130 and released in App World! What countries are supported? Australia, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States! The BBMTM Music app is out of beta and will be available beginning later today* for […]

Opera Mini for BlackBerry updated to v6.5

If you aren’t a fan of the native browser on your BlackBerry then you may want to give Opera Mini a go.  The latest update brings a data tracker within its menu so that you can easily track how much data you have consumed by browsing the net.  There are also some nice and easy […]

Server Maintenance Time for BBM Music Has Been Extended

RIM has sent out another round of emails letting us know that the server maintenance for BBM Music has been extended. Earlier we told you about Server Maintenance for BBM Music had shut the application down for about two hours. Hit the break for more info!

Show Me the Images Gets Updated to v1.3.42 – Now Supports BlackBerry 7

Tired of having to wait to get home to see the images in that e-mail? Too many steps to show them even if you wanted to? Enter Show Me the Images! By default, BlackBerry devices are set to defer image downloads in e-mail messages until the user goes to the menu and clicks “Get Images”. […]

BBM Music is Down for Server Maintenance

If you are wondering why BBM Music is down we have the answer! The server hosting BBM Music is undergoing maintenance. Hit the break for more info!

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: Tether for BlackBerry for only $24.99

Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Blackberry but wished you could use your laptop?

AccuWeather App, OS7 Devices Now Supported

The free AccuWeather app was updated to v1.3. The update includes OS7 device support.

PicoSMS Free SMWS/MMS for Blackberry Smartphones

PicoSMS is a free and complete SMS and MMS messaging application for any Java (J2ME, MIDP 2.0)  cellphone. PicoSMS allows users to send simple text messages in addition to photos taken with the camera, files from the phone and much more and, best of all, PicoSMS is free from our Nerdberry Store! PicoSMS features include:

Fruits and Ninja on Sale for $.99! For the BlackBerry PlayBook and Blackberry Smartphones

Ninja Fruit Bash is an awesome fruit slicing game, I love this game and can get lost playing this game for hours! And with the new update to version 1.5 comes about much updated features that make the game worth downloading, and it is on sale for $.99! And of course you can grab this great […]

Foursquare for BlackBerry Alpha Updated to v3.3.5

An alpha release for Foursquare for BlackBerry has been updated to version 3.3.5! At this time there is no change log available.