Quick Look: Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook

In this video Sleepracer from NerdBerry.net shows of the recently released Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook! The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. […]


RIM is Issuing Refunds to People that Bought Plants vs Zombies at the Cost of $6.99!

Yesterday when Plants vs Zombies was released the cost of the application was $6.99, I paid it willingly. After an hour or so I saw the price drop to $4.99, needless to say I felt a bit robbed. Well I just received an email from RIM letting me know that there was an error in […]

Quick Look: Plants vs Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook

In this video Sleepracer from NerdBerry.net shows of the recently released Plants vs Zombies for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Stem a zombie attack on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™! Get ready to soil your plants in the hit PopCap® game! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal […]

Kindle & Twitter Apps Headed to the BlackBerry PlayBook in OS 2.0?

Best Buy Canada has released a product page for the world to see what’s new in BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0! As you can see from the image on this post Best Buy thinks that the PlayBook OS 2.0 will have a Kindle and Twitter application built in. Hit the break for more!

eBuddy XMS Lands in App World!

We first told you about eBuddy XMS several months ago you can check it out here. eBuddy XMS has landed in the BlackBerry App World! eBuddy XMS is a free, real-time messaging app for smartphones. XMS is currently available for BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. Nokia coming very soon.

Fido launching “Visual Voicemail Plus” for BlackBerry and Android on February 22nd

A month or so back we saw Rogers launch Visual Voicemail for their customers. On February 22nd Fido will be launching “Visual Voicemail Plus” for BlackBerry and Android! According to the internal document this feature will run you $9/month.

SayIt (Siri For BlackBerry) Updated to v1.3.0 – With Video Demo

SayIt updated in App World to version 1.3.0! There are many voice recognition applications available for Blackberry Smartphones and now comes about a new application Say It. Say It is a voice recognition application but this one although in the early stages of development gives you in a since Siri. Now remember this application has […]

Plants vs Zombies is launching today at noon EST for PlayBook in App World!

Just the other day EA Announced Launch of Plants VS. Zombies on the PlayBook, then we could npt locate the game in App World. Today RIM let us know the Plants vs Zombies will be in the BlackBerry App World for all to download!

RIM Is Now a Part of the Digital Living Network Alliance!

When the PlayBook was released tons of people were hoping that it had support for DLNA. If you are not familiar with DLNA support it will let you connect the PlayBook to various other devices, enabling you to share content between them.

Free Video Chat By Parabay Inc For the BlackBerry PlayBook

Parabay Inc has released a FREE Video Chat application for the BlackBerry PlayBook!  The application is very clean with a dark UI.Find new friends and enjoy free unlimited video and text chat with SFH users!

Kisai Labs Introduces Cloudee!

Kisai Labs has introduced Cloudee. Now this application is not yet available, however it is in the works and when it is released there will be a lot of Mac users that own PlayBook’s very happy! Cloudee is a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  CloudApp is a popular Mac application where you can easily […]

Show Me the Images By Kisai Labs Updated to v1.3.50

Show Me the Images By Kisai Labs has bee updated to v1.3.50! You can check out our review of Show Me the Images by BerryGo here. BerryGo was the original developer of SMTI. Tired of having to wait to get home to see the images in that e-mail? Too many steps to show them even […]

Video Demo: WorldDesk For BlackBerry

@MyWorldDesk has reached out to us on Twitter to let us know that they have published an early BlackBerry demo. Here is the video description: This demo video shows Jonathan carrying his entire desktop on his BlackBerry.

My Vodafone App for Vodafone UK Users Now Available

My Vodafone application is now available for Vodafone UK customers. The My Vodafone application helps users with the following:

New Features for WordPress for BlackBerry v1.6 Announced!

WordPress application for BlackBerry is a great tool for BlackBerry users that have WordPress blogs. The application lets you “Blog On the Go”. WordPress for BlackBerry was lacking a few features that a lot of people I know were complaining about until now that is. WordPress has announced some awesome improvements in their next version […]

Hookt Messenger Gets Updated to v.1.5.1

Hookt Messenger has been updated to v1.5.1! Hookt Messenger is an easy-to-use, lightning-fast messenger that lets you send messages instantly to your contacts both locally and worldwide. Switch from SMS to Hookt to stay connected with all your friends on BlackBerry or any other ! Text away for free and enjoy BlackBerry Push Service, inbox […]

BlackBerry Desktop Software v7.0 B44 Officially Released for PCs

RIM released Desktop software v7.0 a while back in the Beta Zone, then Vodafone kinda released it and kinda didn’t.

Easy Smiley Pack Gets An Update To v2.2.9

Easy Smiley offers you an assortment of emoticons that you can use on your BBM! The app just got updated, but there is no current change log.

FREE vnPButils Helps You Easily Side-load and Manage PlayBook Apps!

Vnbb let us know that they have release a new utility similar to DDPB. The utility lets you easily side-load and manage PlayBook applications!

6600 Newly Registered Developers in 11 Days for BlackBerry!

Talk about big news for RIM Alec Saunders RIM’s head of Developer Relations, posted a tweet that was just to good not to post her on NerdBerry. RIM has recived 6600 new developers registered for App World!