Zombie Attack for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.44 Adds 100 FREE New Levels!

Smarter Apps has released a new update v.1.1.44 for Zombie Attack for Blackberry Smartphones. With this new version come 100 new levels and best of all they’re FREE!


Twitter for BlackBerry Updated to v2.1.0.20 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Twitter for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.1.0.20 in the Beta Zone! Hit the break for more info! What’s New?

FileScout Gets Updated to v2.7.1.5

EmacBerry has updated  FileScout to v2.7.1.5! This update is brings tons of fixes for the DropBox integration. Why the fixes for the DropBox integration? Well DropBox updated their API on October 22nd. Now FileScout supports the new APIv1. What’s new?

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: IM+ Pro for BlackBerry ONLY $9.99!

Chat in Skype, Facebook, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Yandex, VKontakte and MySpaceIM! Now with Twitter support! No cost per message! Send photos, videos, voice messages, and IM for FREE and save on MMS/SMS!

Unity 3D Releases 2 New Games for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Unity 3D has introduced three new games for the Blackberry PlayBook! Unity seems to be an extremely strong supporter of the Blackberry Playbook OS or BBX which is a very good thing. And all of their games have great graphics. The new games include:

Kobo Not Working for You, We Want a Fix!

With the weather outside getting frightful, and the PlayBook being so delightful thought I would sit in and pass time with a good eBook. And why not with my Blackberry PlayBook and the native eReader app Kobo! Except one thing, it has not been working!!! Hit the break for more info and a poll!

SocialScope Updated To v0.9.6.34

SocialScope has released a new version of their application.  The new version is V0.9.6.34.

Google is Deprecating the Gmail App for BlackBerry

Sad, sad news for Blackberry owners whom of which enjoy thier Gmail application for the Blackberry Smarthphones. It seem that Google is to depreciate its native gmail application for Blackberry smartphones on November 22.  Hit the break for details from Google.


If you are looking for an easy way to take your Bible with you everywhere, why not put it on your BlackBerry.  The Bible App for BlackBerry has just been updated to include a few bug updates and more.  The new version 3.6 includes the following changes; . Changes in version 3.6 include: Faster Performance – The […]

NYC Subway – Trip Planner – Works Underground For Blackberry Smartphones Gets An Update

I went to New York once and I was very confused by the subway system. This Blackberry app helps you to figure it out by planning out your trips. What’s included in the update? App makes use of the official subway map helps users determine their fastest route between any two given locations

Evernote for BlackBerry Updated To v3.3.350

Evernote has been updated to version 3.3.350. Evernote turns your BlackBerry into an extension of your brain. This award winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as everything instantly synchronizes from your BlackBerry to […]

RIM Releases BlackBerry 5.0 Sounds in App World

RIM has released BlackBerry OS 5 ringtones for OS 6 and 7 BlackBerry smartphones! Download the 5.0 BlackBerry sounds heard around the world, for years, everywhere! Lightspeed, Sonar, Classic Phone, the entire set. These sounds are not pre-loaded in BlackBerry 6 (or higher) and the set is available free for all users to download here.

Picasa Sync for the Blackberry Playbook -Download Your Albums to Your Playbook

Do you have lots of photos on your Picasa Account and wish you could have them on your Blackberry Playbook, without having to point your browser that way? Well introducing Picasa Sync for the Blackberry Playbook! This application allows you to share your photos from your Picasa account to your Blackberry Playbook wirelessly! Hit the jump for […]

7Digital Music Store Updated Finally Includes Blackberry OS 7 Support!

Final after the longest of waiting for all those of you who purchased your Blackberry 7 devices, the 7 Digital Music Store is now avaliable for the Blackberry OS 7 devices! Download 7Digital Music Store from BlackBerry App World

FNB updated to v3.0.0 adds Blackberry OS 7 Support

The FNB Banking App for Blackberry was updated to v3.0.0. What’s included in the update? * Updated compatibility with the Blackberry OS 7 devices

FlightTrack Keep up with your Flights on your Blackberrry Smartphone

Do you travel alot? Always on the go and wish you could keep up with your flights? Introducing FlightTrack, a flight tracking application for you Blackberry. Track every aspect of your domestic and international flights with real-time updates and live flight tracking maps. We’ll even update you on gates, delays and cancellations so you can book […]

Fancy Widgets Updated to v1.2.16

Fancy Widgets has been updated to version 1.2.16. Very attractive, functional and simply Fancy app that brings amazing widgets from different platforms to your BlackBerry.

LocalBar App for the BlackBerry PlayBook lets you Installs .BAR Files Without the use of a PC!

This is one of the best applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook ever developed. At this point in time the only way you can install an app is directly from App World or by sideloading it. Yohan aka TinyHack has developed Yohan aka LocalBar. LocalBar enables you to cut the cord from your PC so to speak. […]

Kobo No Longer Supporting Older OS’s

Kobo has been emailing customers letting them know that they will  not be supporting older BlackBerry smartphones running anything lower then OS 6. Hit the break to read the email.

Wikitude World Browser Updated to v6.0.13

Wikitude World Browser has been updated to version 6.0.13 in App World! This update is still not showing up for all users at this time, so try clearing the cache in App World by typing ATL+RST. Wikitude World Browser allows you to discover your surroundings in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply […]