Profile Assist -Never Get Interupted In a Meeting, Church, or School Again

Ever had your Blackberry go off in a meeting, church, or school? Embarassing right, well to prevent this from happening again, introducing Profile Assist. Profile Assist allows you to manage your Blackberrys’ active profile setting to a specific date, time, and or activity. I think this is a great app because sometimes I forget to change my profiles, with Profile […]


LyricFind For The Blackberry Playbook- Get The Lyrics To Tons Of Songs

I was actually trying to remember the lyrics to a song the other day. I had to go turn on my laptop to google it. LyricFind makes it easy to find the lyrics to a song, load the app and start typing in the words. They have a huge library and it is still growing.

Free Game For The PlayBook- The Lost Komodo

The Lost Komodo’s protagonist, a baby komodo, is adorable and lost. Help him navigate the island, avoiding predators and find his way back home. This game is very well thought out. It is bright and cheerful and made for most age groups. There is even a story being told as you go along. Get the […]

Slider Lock App For The Blackberry

Slider Lock For Blackberry unlocks your phone with the swipe of a button, or finger (for touch screen devices) only. It also automatically locks the phone when the screen times out, so no need to manually lock it yourself. App Description: *** SliderLock™ app that works with BlackBerry® Torch™ and also on Non Touch Devices […]

Yellow Pages for Blackberry Smartphones Updated to v4.0 with Added Features

Remember grabbing the big old large Yellow book, trying to find that number to your favorite pizza place? Well now with Blackberry Smartphones and everthing else comes about Yellow Pages for BlackBerry and this app has been updated to include a new local search feature that allows users to quickly find and share local businesses, as […]

BlackBerry Bridge Updated to v1.0.6.5 – PlayBook Update Around the Corner?

  BlackBerry Bridge has been updated to v1.0.6.5. I just checked BlackBerry App World for the new version and I am still not showing the updated but some are reporting it is available for them. This usually means that the BlackBerry PlayBook OS update is right around the corner so keep your finger on that […]

Become a BlackBerry Alliance Member and take your apps and games to the next level

Mobile Link BlackBerry Alliance has been discussed before here at NerdBerry but with DevCon 2011 coming up, a refresher course is always a good idea.  Hit the break to learn about or refresh what you already know BlackBerry Alliance.

Get My File Manager For The Blackberry PlayBook From Blackberry App World

My File Manager is the latest file management app for the Playbook. Some features include: *Hide File – Hide personal photos/documents while sharing your BlackBerry® PlayBook™’s files to colleagues through Wi-fi Sharing. *Zip – Zip and Unzip archive files, and Zip file content list view. *Password-protected Zip – Zip and Unzip password-protected file (simple symmetric […]

RBS And NatWest Launch Banking Apps At Blackberry App World

Check your bank balance online and recent transactions. You can also locate the nearest branch or abm using your phone’s gps.

Get The Free Dictionary And Thesaurus From Blackberry App World

This dictionary and thesaurus app looks pretty decent. It was just launched today. And best of all, it’s free! It doesn’t look like it is ad supported either, so thumbs up to that.

[UPDATED] BattleBallz Chaos Updated to v1.5 – Now A Paid Upgrade?!?

[UPDATE] @PocketeersLtd tweeted us to let us know that the upgrade to v1.5 should be free. They Have contacted BlackBerry support and are working on this issue Last week we told you about Free BattleBallz Chaos Game from Pocketeers, well BattleBallz Chaos has received an update to v1.5. Here is the interesting part, I downloaded […]

Alice, your Computerized Psychotherapist for your BlackBerry PlayBook

Do you find your talking to yourself? How about to your devices, such as your Blackberry Playbook wish it could talk back? Well introducing Alice for BlackBerry PlayBook! Alice is an Computerized Psychotherapy And she want to know “How can I help you?”   You can use Alice to hold a conversation and she will give […]

Evernote For The Blackberry PlayBook Is Launched

Evernote is already a popular app for the Blackberry smart phone. Well now you can also get it for your Playbook.

VMS- Allows You To Send And Share Videos From Your Blackberry + Free Download

VMS just launched their app today. You can use the app to make your video and then share it with other people. This is handy because you can only mms or bbm videos that are pretty small.

The Hockey News + Polar Mobile = Brand New Hockey Apps For Every NHL Team!

To coincide with the start of the hockey season in October, Polar Mobile teamed up again with The Hockey News to create team apps. That’s right, every NHL team will have their own app on Blackberry App World.

Get News Catcher (RSS Reader) by XIMAD, Free Download For The PlayBook

XIMAD just launched News Catcher (RSS Reader), just for the Playbook. Keep up to date on current news(local and worldwide), along with pictures and even Twitter and Facebook news.

RIM Takes Down Screenshot of Native PlayBook BBM, from App World

Remember the Blackberry Messenger App on the Blackberry Playbook we spotted in the above picture while browsing the new App World page, well it seems that RIM has pulled the image! Does this mean BBM on the PlayBook will be a native app and that the screenshot was real? What do you think of RIM pulling the image??

Play Chess On Your PlayBook, With Chess By Solver Labs

I stink at Chess, but anyone who enjoys Chess and has a Playbook, should check it out. There are tons of puzzles and it ranges from beginner to expert.

SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry Gets An Update

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro was updated to v8.50.1083. It now includes support for OS7 devices. Here is the change log: * Support for BlackBerry OS 7.0 In our commitment to the BlackBerry platform, SOTI is proud to support all of RIM’s latest smartphones. Native 7.0 support means better application performance on BlackBerry’s latest devices. * […]

BlackBerry App World Chang Log and User Guide!

Just yesterday we told you that BlackBerry App World 3.0 had been officially released, today RIM has released the change log. Current Known Issues: In some cases, when you move between screens within Top 25, the cursor moves to the first item in the list instead of the last item that you selected. In some […]