RIM: All Users Must Upgrade BlackBerry App World to v2.1

This is interesting… It look like if you are running BlackBerry App World v1.1, RIM is forcing you to upgrade to v2.1. Check out what they had to say via InsideBB Citizens of the BlackBerry® App World™ storefront! If you’re still using BlackBerry App World client version 1.1, this applies to you (everyone using BlackBerry […]


BlackBerry PlayBook AppWorld Caught on VIDEO!!

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Coming Soon: Celic by Mobster Mobile Design

Being a lover of dark techy themes, Mobster Mobile really hit the spot with Celic.  Celic is pleasant on the eyes, sophisticated and oh so pretty.  With a mix of graphic, complexity and accessibility to areas on your berry;  this theme doesn’t ask to be on your phone, you beg it to be!

Skype headed to the BlackBerry PlayBook at a cost of $2.99?!?

  We know Skype is available for iOS and Android at no charge, So why is Skype showing up for the PlayBook at a cost of $2.99? We can only wonder at this point is we will see video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Rookie Rocket for BlackBerry by Fabian Heuwieser now available!

Fabian Heuwieser has released his first game for Blackberry. It is available in our Nerdberry App Store as well as in App World.  Here is the description directly from our store: RookieRocket is a new game for BlackBerry® smart phones in which you have to steer a Rocket through obstacles and collect stars. When you […]

Shazam updates to v2.8 – Grab it in BlackBerry App World

For all of the people out there that like to discover new music your favorite program, Shazam, was updated to version 2.8 It is available thru App World. Source

RIM’s explains their expanded App Ecosystem and the benefits for customers and developers

Inside BlackBerry has posted an great explanation of what their App Ecosystem expansion means for consumers as well as developers. When RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be able to run Andriod apps there were tons of people including myself jumping for joy. With the announcement being made it also left a lot of […]

Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry from S4BB

S4BB has released yet another FREE application to use with your BlackBerry Here is a screenshot of all of the features that is in Super Search. As always S4BB offers a 30 Day Value Back Guarentee on this app as well. you can download it from App world here.

Updated: BlackBerry Radio to v1.0.0.41 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Radio has been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone to v1.0.0.41. Just the other day we saw BlackBerry Radio v1.0.0.34 for OS6 leak out. What’s new? New Nobex radio streams are available, however it may take up to the next 24 hours for you to see these stations in Blackberry Radio. If you do […]

Now Available: Yahoo! for BlackBerry

Yahoo for BlackBerry has just landed in the BlackBerry App World. The new Yahoo application gives you access to your Yahoo! services like Mail and Messenger. It also gives you access to sports scores or upload and share your photos on Flickr as well as News and Finance and more. Features: Yahoo! Mobile is a […]

RIM to Update BlackBerry App World to Include Update All Function

RIM’s VP of Global Alliances & Developer Relations, Tyler Lessard had a slip of the tongue last night in Toronto at MobileMonday. Lessard slipped up and said the the next update to BlackBerry App World will include the best feature to date the “Update All Function”. I already have this feature on my Android device […]

BlackBerry Smart Tags – BlackBerry NFC App Shows Off

If you have not already heard, RIM plans on adding Near Field Communications (NFC) in to their 2011 BlackBerry lineup. With the OS leaks from the 9850 and 9930 we now have seen the NCF icon that will run an application called “Smart Tags”. The object of Smart Tags seems to be to share picture, […]

Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56

BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56 has been added to the leaked list.  BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56 was pulled from BlackBerry 9850 and 9930 OS 6.1.  Download and install at your own risk!  BlackBerry Messenger is for only OS 6 users ONLY!

Leaked: Facebook for BlackBerry v1.9.1.8 for all devices!

Leaked: BlackBerry AppWorld v2.1.2.3 for OS6

Leaked: BlackBerry Radio v1.0.0.34 for OS6

Zillow Releases Free BlackBerry App for Home Shoppers

This is for all of the potential home buyers in the market right now. Zillow has just released a free App that will allow you to see all of the houses that are available within your area. Some of the sorting options in the app are “Zestimate” home valuations homes for sale homes for rent Rent […]

BlackBerry Traffic has been updated to v2.0.0.1735 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

We just received the following from a tipster! BlackBerry Traffic 2.0 includes a host of new features, several of which were implemented due to feedback we received in the last round of BlackBerry Traffic beta testing! Here’s a quick rundown of all the exciting new features of BlackBerry Traffic 2.0: Complete UI revamp – You asked for […]

PingChat updated to v2.4.2

PingChat for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.4.2. What’s new: -Faster sending of messages -Smaller font sizes for touch devices (Torch, Storm, Storm 2) throughout the app ( conversations, list, etc.) -Faster scrolling on conversation list view -User with display name’s that have no spaces can now open My Profile screen again -Picture thumbnails in […]

RIM Reaches out to Polar Mobile for ‘at least’ 100 PlayBook Apps

  RIM has reached out to Toronto-based Polar Mobile to help develop  ‘at least’ 100 applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Polar Mobile’s clients include Time Inc. and CBS Sports and more. “Tablets represent a massive opportunity for our customers to increase reach, drive engagement and create a new revenue stream,” said Kunal Gupta, Polar’s CEO. “We are […]