iRunner Now Available For BlackBerry 10

iRunner is originally an Android app but has been ported over to BlackBerry 10. At first I actually thought this was an exercise app. Nope! It’s a game. A running game, where Mr.I has to run through the course left and right. He has objects to collect such as batteries and gifts all while not […]


Gameloft brings The Amazing Spider-Man game to BlackBerry 10

Gameloft has always brought some great games to BlackBerry, and now they have brought another chart topping title.  The Amazing Spider-Man game is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World for $4.99.  While some people may think it is a little expensive, once you see the graphics and game-play you will see why […]

Amazing Breaker Game For BlackBerry 10

More puzzley type games are coming to BlackBerry 10. The latest being Amazing Breaker. Actually it was made back in January but better late mentioning it than never. Aim and shoot the bombs at the target, all while looking at the cool drawings. Hit the break for a game trailer!

FileScout for Legacy BlackBerry Devices Updated to v4.0.0.3

FileScout has received an update to version, this update is currently available in Blackberry World. The update itself brings lots of goodies to the table as well as improvements! FileScout is a file explorer for your BlackBerry®. In addition to its core functionality (browse the file system, create directories, copy, move, rename, zip, unzip, […]

Check out HomeScreen Shelf Wallpapers Slideshow for the Z10!

Raluca Vlad. reached out to us to let us know about their cool wallpaper application for the BlackBerry Z10, HomeScreen Shelf Wallpapers Slideshow. Raluca Vlad. has a bunch of photo applications in BlackBerry World that are really worth checking out. HomeScreen Shelf Wallpapers HD Slideshow contains over 50 icon shelves-like wallpapers for your phone(50 different […]

Luke At The Stars For BlackBerry Playbook, Makes You Read The Game Title Twice

First because I thought it was Star Wars related. And then because it really is “look at the stars.” Took me a minute to realize, I was a bit slow I admit. Anyway, Luke has a cute back story: Luke at the Stars is a tiny puzzle game that tells the story of Luke, a […]

Puzzle Master Now Available For BlackBerry 10

What was previously for the Playbook only, has now come to BlackBerry 10. Puzzle Master is a unique spin on your standard puzzle game. Instead of playing puzzles already loaded, this one has you using your own content for puzzles.

Tap N Pop For BlackBerry 10 Lite And Paid Version

Tap N Pop has just been released for BlackBerry 10. The game was made by Software River Solutions, Inc., who made both a paid and a lite version. Tap N Pop is one of those collect the same color games, comparable to Bejeweled.

Game Review: Devil’s Attorney for BlackBerry 10

There are some stellar games making their way to BlackBerry 10.  One of the latest is Devil’s Attorney, which is a turn-based strategy game in which you play a less than reputable attorney named Max McMann.  The gameplay is really easy to learn, but it will keep you thinking as you have to take different […]

Zeebox Now Available for BlackBerry 10

Back in December zeebox release their zeebox applcation for BlackBerry 7 devices, they are back now with a BlackBerry 10 application! zeebox helps you discover, connect, share and interact – all live as you watch. Want to find what’s hot? zeebox gets you to the most talked-about shows quickly and easily. Check out what everyone […]

MONOPOLY Passes Go & Lands on BlackBerry 10

We have covered Electronic Arts, Inc. many times here on NerdBerry, so I am happy to let you know they have released MONOPOLY for BlackBerry 10! MONOPOLY, is one classic game that seems to get better with age. MONOPOLY is available in BlackBerry World for $2.99

Game On With Brick Breaker Anubis For BlackBerry 10

The guys at S4BB are at it again. This time they’ve made a game. Brick Breaker Anubis is newer better version of the game we’ve come to know from the original BlackBerries. At Bat 2013, Bejeweled 2, Plants vs. Zombies Coming Next Week to BlackBerry World!

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! In this list you will see Batman Dark Knight and the Vogue Stylist app are coming to BlackBerry World this month! Hit the break for the full App Wednesday list!

Download GetGlue (Android Port) for the BlackBerry Z10

Ever since I got my BlackBerry Z10, I have been leaving my Samsung Galaxy S2 at home turned off. I have not had a need for my Android as my BlackBerry Z10 will do the same things and much more. Well I was missing GetGlue, so I converted the Android APK to .Bar file so […]

Texas Hold’em King Now Available for the BlackBerry Z10

If you know me then you will know that I enjoy the occasional poker game, well to my delight Magmic has released Texas Hold’em King for the BlackBerry Z10. Texas Hold’em King is a mutiplayer Texas Hold’em video game that reaches millions of users worldwide. You will not be disappointed with the graphics in this game. […]

Global BlackBerry 10 Community Now Live in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry has now opened registration for BlackBerry 10 devices in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. They have started with the Global BlackBerry 10 Community. Here is what they had to say: “We are excited to launch the first BlackBerry 10 Community in BlackBerry Beta Zone! The goal of this community is to provide you with a […]

App Wednesday Powered by BlackBerry – Batman Dark Knight Coming This Month!

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! In this list you will see Batman Dark Knight and the Vogue Stylist app are coming to BlackBerry World this month! Hit the break for the full App Wednesday list!

BeBuzz Headed to BlackBerry 10 Soon!!!

Bellshare GmbH is at it again earlier we let you know that they have updated BeWeather 10 for the BlackBerry Z10, now they have sent out a tweet letting the world know that they are bringing BeBuzz to Blackberry 10! BeBuzz lets you take full control of your BlackBerry® front notification LED! Green for calls […]

Delta Airlines Launches Fly Delta Native BlackBerry 10 App

If you are looking for a Delta Airlines application for BlackBerry 10 you will be happy to know that they have released Fly Delta! Fly Delta is a native BlackBerry 10 application. Here is what they had to say about the app: We listened to your feedback and completely updated the Fly Delta app for […]

***UPDATED*** Xploding Boxes for BlackBerry 10 Updated – Adds Support for the BlackBerry Q10

***UPDATE*** This update is also available for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. Xploding Boxes for BlackBerry 10 has been updated in BlackBerry World to version This update adds support for the BlackBerry Q10 as well as adding levels 361-370. Xploding Boxes is a strategy game where the intent is to start a chain reaction […]