Chess: Battle of the Elements for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Chess: Battle of the Elements combines the tried and true game play of the worlds most popular game, with beautiful 3D graphics. Select your favorite side from any of the four elements and menus, board and pieces will change to reflect your selection.


Picasa Sync for the Blackberry Playbook -Download Your Albums to Your Playbook

Do you have lots of photos on your Picasa Account and wish you could have them on your Blackberry Playbook, without having to point your browser that way? Well introducing Picasa Sync for the Blackberry Playbook! This application allows you to share your photos from your Picasa account to your Blackberry Playbook wirelessly! Hit the jump for […]

Print To Go Launching with PlayBook OS 2.0

A lot of changes were implemented with the release of the PlayBook OS 2.0.  One of the biggest additions was the program Print To Go, which was bundled with the OS 2.0 software. 

Official Statement from RIM on the BlackBerry Service Interruption

As you can see from the below statement the BlackBerry Service interruption was not caused by a Failure at RIM. RIM Statement – November 7, 2011: There was a global Internet issue this morning that impacted a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure was not impacted however, some customers may […]

i-Metalist Launched Vehicle Counters and Monitoring System (VCMS) For the PlayBook

VCMS – Vehicle Counters and Monitoring System is graphically unique application with all the functions and information you’ll ever need on the road, water or in the sky. Application is designed by HedoneDesign. Features:

LocalBar App for the BlackBerry PlayBook lets you Installs .BAR Files Without the use of a PC!

This is one of the best applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook ever developed. At this point in time the only way you can install an app is directly from App World or by sideloading it. Yohan aka TinyHack has developed Yohan aka LocalBar. LocalBar enables you to cut the cord from your PC so to speak. […]

Cooklet App For The Playbook, Encourages Everyone To Learn How To Cook, Or Improve Skills

For all those people out there unsure of what to make for dinner, but don’t think they can make a feast,Cooklet has the right idea. The app has interactive cookbooks, culinary tools (like metric conversion) and a community of chefs who can help make your recipe perfect.

The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse Released for the PlayBook (Marmalade SDK)

The Marmalade SDK games for the PlayBook just keep coming, kinda like the newest android phones, today they released their newest edition to the group called The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse.

Downhill Bowling 2 Game Now Available on the Blackberry Playbook

I really am enjoying all of the new Android games being ported over to the new BBX platform! And with that comes about a new game Downhill Bowling 2 now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Downhill Bowling 2 from developer GameResort delivers intense bowling action that has you racing down slopes, charging up ramps, and blasting through pins. Grab […]

Grave Defense Marmalade SDK Powered Game Launched For The Playbook +Game Trailer

Grave Defense was just launched for the Playbook. This post-apocalyptic game involves killing Dracula and Frankenstein’s using lasers, fire and electricity throughout 20 levels. hit the break for the game trailer

RIM Deletes Mention of Removing App World From PlayBook OS 2.0 Developer Beta

RIM had placed some disclaimers in the newest PlayBook OS beta regarding the stability issues and mentioned that: Please note that this build is strictly designed for developers and is NOT a build designed for consumer use, since some apps built for BlackBerry PlayBook OS v.1.0.7 may not work correctly. As such, we have removed […]

Photo Editor Extreme For Blackberries And The Playbook- Multiple Editing Tools

A number of photo editing apps are for either the Playbook or the Blackberry smartphones. So if you find one you like, you may not be able to have it on both. Photo Editor Extreme takes care of that problem for you. You can doodle, add frames, crop, resize and more.

Get The Free Bridge OS2 Alternative For The Playbook

Since the Bridge is disabled for the OS2 beta, it is more difficult to get stuff done. That’s why FileArchiveHaven has made the Bridge OS2 Alternative app for the Playbook. Download the app for free from Blackberry App World.

Luko Remote Turns Your PlayBook into a Keyboard & Mouse for Your PC

If you have ever needed to control your PC and dont have a keyboard and mouse available you can now do that with your PlayBook.  The Luko Remote does exactly that. There are quite a few things that the app can do,  hit the break for more info.

Evernote For Playbook Gets An Update

Evernote for the Playbook got updated to v1.1.1. No changelog is available at this time. Download the app for free or get the update from Blackberry App World.

Turbo Grannies And Zombie Rider Games For The Playbook Finally Released!

A little while back we let you know about a list of Marmalade games, and in the last two weeks or so, they have been trickling out. Turbo Grannies and Zombie Rider was just launched through Marmalade on the Playbook.

Fruits and Ninja on Sale for $.99! For the BlackBerry PlayBook and Blackberry Smartphones

Ninja Fruit Bash is an awesome fruit slicing game, I love this game and can get lost playing this game for hours! And with the new update to version 1.5 comes about much updated features that make the game worth downloading, and it is on sale for $.99! And of course you can grab this great […]

Union 3D Game -Castle Warriors For The Playbook

A lot of Marmalade games have been launched as of late, now here comes a Union game. Castle Warriors is a real time strategy game which involves defending the land against foreign powers.

IM+ now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

It has taken some time but RIM has finally approved IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  The PlayBook has definitely been lacking some way of performing instant messaging since launch, and it seems to have taken quite a while for RIM to finally approve IM+ for the PlayBook.  It still stands to be seen if the availability of […]

Official New York Times Crossword Puzzle app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are a fan of crossword puzzles, you can now get the New York Times Crossword puzzle app for your PlayBook.  Magmic has now released their very popular app for the PlayBook and it will give you access to over 6,000 crossword puzzles from the Times archives.  The app will let you play the […]