BarInstall provides BlackBerry 10 users a means to update and convert BAR files OTA

The inability to update apps OTA (over the air) on BlackBerry 10 is one of the major issues I have with the OS.  Previously on legacy BlackBerry devices you could easily update an app as long as you had a link to the .jad file, however with BlackBerry 10 the only apps you can update […]

Alec Saunders Confirms iOS App Player for BlackBerry 10 “appeared to work”

Holy hell batman! VP of BlackBerry Developer Relations, Alec Saunders has confirmed via Twitter that he has seen the iOS App Player for BlackBerry 10. “I’ve seen it myself. Don’t know what limitations it had, but it appeared to work.” This is huge news for BlackBerry in my opinion! It would be great to see […]

BlackBerry Working with Mozilla for web security through fuzzing

Mozilla continues to build the Web as a platform for security which is a crucial part of our mission to move the Web forward as a platform for openness, innovation and opportunity for all. Today this platform for security is being advanced through Mozilla and BlackBerry collaborating on advanced automated security testing techniques known as […]

gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10 updated

gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10 by Yogeshwar has received a nice update today to version This update adds a ton of features, so check out the change log below. gNewsReader application now supports Feedly (version 1.9) and will support NewsBlur (upcoming version) as additional service. Additional services might be supported in future. please keep watching What’s […]

BlackBerry Q5 headed to AT&T??

BlackBerry just let us know this moring that the BlackBerry Q5 was headed to Canada, originally when the device was first announced at BlackBerry Live it was said it would not come to the US or Canada. Well that has changed for sure. According to @evleaks the “BlackBerry Q5 tipped for AT&T” now this is […]

BlackBerry’s “Keys To The City” Comes to a City near you! #KeyboardLove

BlackBerry has rolled out a new promotion called “Keys To The City”! Keys To The City is currently being run over BBM and offers a wide range of things you can win, as you can see here for the Houston BBM: “If you’re in Houston discover an exclusive set of benefits for BlackBerry users, including […]

BlackBerry Q5 Set to arrive on August 13 in Canada

BlackBerry has just let us know that  the BlackBerry Q5 is scheduled to arrive on August 13, 2013 at authorized partners and retail stores in Canada. BlackBerry has re-engineered its classic QWERTY keyboard so power users can type faster and more accurately. There’s also less spacing between the keys to make the BlackBerry Q5 slimmer […]

BlackBerry Porsche Design Z10 Images Appear on the Interwebs

Well it looks like the rumors we have heard are true. It seems BlackBerry is back working with Porsche on an upcoming new device the BlackBerry Porsche Design Z10. Now new images have surface on the interwebs showing off the device in different ways. Thanks to Tinhte for the images below that show off the […]

Super Note by BachKhoa University Updated to V1.2.0 Accomodate BB10.

SuperNote by BachKhoa University has been updated to accommodate BB10 devices.  There have been some nice updates to this application.  The biggest of which is the backup feature.  The back up feature gives user the ability to back up all and any notes that you have on your system. CHANGE LOG Add note to calendar […]

Random Accounts Dissapearing from BlackBerry 10 Hub? BlackBerry Confirms the Issue

BlackBerry has confirmed that they are aware of an issue that has been causing issues where all of a sudden “Messages from integrated accounts on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone stop appearing in the BlackBerry Hub. These messages are still viewable under the specific account view.” This has been an issue since BlackBerry 10 launched way back in January. Blackberry is hard at […]

iHeartRadio for BlackBerry 10 Updated

iHeartRadio for BalckBerry 10 has been updated to version This updated “improved error message when user can’t login due to missing Device Identifying Information permission” If you enjoy music and enjoy listening to your favorite local or other radio stations well now you’re in luck finally we have iHearRadio available for and to download for BlackBerry […]

FastTube- Ultimate YouTube player for BlackBerry 10 Updated

FastTube- Ultimate YouTube player for BlackBerry 10  has been updated. This update fixes unexpected Error 10 while playing many videos. YouTube lovers! Here is the best YouTube experience on BlackBerry 10! Enjoy YouTube in a true native app, built specifically for BlackBerry 10 (also optimized for Q10). It is fast & fluid! It allows to […]

iOS app player from Inception Mobile bring iOS Apps to BlackBerry 10

According to a source for GadgetMasters, BlackBerry 10 devices will run iOS applications with the help of an App Player was developed by Inception Mobile. The recently launched Reebee application is one application that is currently using this app player. According to this source Reebee on BlackBerry 10 is written in Objective-C. As you can […]

Neatly Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 Updated

Neatly a Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 has received an update to version Version brings some new features and fixes to the application. Neatly is a smart twitter client mobile application for smartphones. Neatly is developed upon tremendously efficient engine to perfectly customize timelines based on your social preferences and interests to make […]

WIND Drops the Price on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

Wind to keep up with its competitors is dropping the price of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 to $499 and $599 respectively, outright. Because thier competitors are dropping prices as well placing a Wind Z10 and or Q10 below the $600 mark gives them the best deal for customers in Cananda Check out WIND Mobile to […]

Verizon FINALLY rolling out BlackBerry OS for the Z10

Well it looks like the rumors from yesterday were true, Verizon is finally rolling out OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Z10.You can check out the BlackBerry Z10 OS 10.1 change log from Verizon here. Feel free to let us know what you think about the update in the comments. You can check the update by […]

Polarbear App for BlackBerry 10 Private Beta Now Available

Just last week we let you know that Polarbear  was launching a new private beta. Well that private beta is now available to those of you that signed up for it. It looks as though you can still sign up for the public beat and you can do so with the link With the new beta […]

BeBuzz 10 Pro gets a small update

BeBuzz 10 Pro has just received a small update fixing vibrate on call connect.BeBuzz lets your take full control of your BlackBerry 10 front notification LED! Green for e-mails from your your boss, yellow for new messages on WhatsApp, blue for BBM messages and “fast disco” for all your Twitter messages. Finally available for BlackBerry […]

Press Image of the BlackBerry 9720 hits the interwebs

A new image of the front and back of the BlackBerry 9720 has shown on Twitter. The rendering is believed to be a press image BlackBerry publishes on the web once the device is announced. The BlackBerry 9720 is said to be rocking 3G capability, dedicated BBM Button and much more. Check out the image […]

Appy Pie Announces Support for BlackBerry 10 OS & Passbook Passes

The market was taken by a storm when BlackBerry unveiled its latest OS BlackBerry 10 for the users. The new OS has received many positive reviews from the critics and the company is pushing this OS aggressively in the market. California (PRWEB) July 25, 2013- The market was taken by a storm when BlackBerry unveiled […]