New Game for Playbook on the Horizon?

We were scanning our Twitter feed this morning and noticed an interesting tweet from Anders Jeppsson, Global Head of Gaming at RIM, mentioning something about a new game launching on the PlayBook tomorrow.   As you can see from the image above he is rather excited about this game. 


RIM Host First Blackberry Security Summit!

Today, it is easy to see how the mobile security landscape parallels threats seen in the desktop space for years. And while there are many similarities, mobile computing does have its own unique set of challenges in the way customers use, access and store data. Regardless, customers have the same expectations for their mobile devices […]

BlackBerry 10 will include a redesigned App World, will it look like this?

With BlackBerry 10 development being in high swing we are starting to see more and more screenshots of what the final product may look like. One of the areas that will definitely see a revamp is App World.

Gravity Lab will be Released for the PlayBook in a few Weeks

Physics games are starting to take hold in today’s gaming world.  One of the most famous games would be “Cut the Rope”  this game is available for the PlayBook via the android player.  Another game that uses the physics will be Gravity Lab.  Hit the break for more information regarding this game.

RIM’s Blackberry 10 Inspires a New Generation of Developers

With the new release of the Blackberry SDK for the Blackberry 10 platform, RIM has really been pushing for development, the relationship between RIM and Developer has made thing easier for both parties. At the BlackBerry 10 Jam software developer conference in Toronto Thursday, Martyn Mallick, vice-president of global alliances and business Development at Research […]

RIM helps you port WebOS Enyo apps to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook

We know that RIM has been making it super easy for developers from other platforms to port their apps over to the PlayBook, and eventually to BlackBerry 10 as well.  Previously RIM released some help guides for WebOS developers to bring their WebApps to the PlayBook, however Enyo apps were not fully addressed at that […]

iOS Emulator (Brine) for PlayBook Gets Caught on Film!

  Mobile LinkWell here we have a video that is showing off a new emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Brine. Brine is an iOS emulator that is meant to bring iOS applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The developer behind Brine is Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap reached out to Sacha (one of the devs behind […]

RIM Webinar: Astonishing UIs using the New Blackberry 10 Framework! Register Now

If you miss the Blackberry 10 Jam Event in May in Orlando you missed out on some great Cascades presentations, well your in luck on June 19th RIM is hosting a webinar which will help give you an understanding of Cascades and provide you with the information needed to get started developing using the new SDK: Astonishing UIs using […]

Skype Attends BlackBerry 10 Jam Session In California!

With the Blackberry 10 Jam Tour going on in Santa Clara, California Mikel Calderon, a developer let us know that someone from Skype was in attendance to the Jam Session. The Skype developer gave us some insight with, “We’re always looking to expand to other platforms” so it seem we will have Skype sooner than expected!!

TwitPro for BlackBerry PlayBook Released

TwitPro is a new Twitter client that has been released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. TwitPro allows you to post updates directly to Twitter as well as monitor you feeds and updates in real time. It also allows users access to many of thr advanced feature that are available such as trending topics, your timeline and […]

Televisa Deportes Released for the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM’s focus on the Latin culture  has been improving over the last couple of years, and there has been a new app released for the PlayBook from Televisa who is a large television company in Mexico. Televisa Deportes is an all sports channel and the app for the PlayBook allows users to view a lot […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.0 Beta Has Been Released!

As promised RIM has released the Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.1 Beta for developers! Here is what they had to say: Today we are releasing a beta of BlackBerry® Tablet OS 2.1.0 for developers to test their applications with. Developers can test using devices or a simulator, and there are some items that I think will […]

BlackBerry 10 Caught on Camera?!?! (It’s Only a Theme)

Mobile Link ***Update*** This video is a theme based on BlackBerry 10. (Thanks to Bla1ze for letting us know) Well here is a great video that hightlights some of the BlackBerry 10 UI. The video was posted on YouTube by vas2781, there was no details on the video for some odd reason. Now we have […]

WordPress for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Another Small Bump to v2.1.2

Just four days ago Automattic, Inc released an updated to the WordPress Application for the PlayBook to v2.1.1, today they have released another update this time to version 2.1.2. This update is very small so one can assume that all this update has included in it are bug fixes.

Evernote announces an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon

Evernote is a very popular application that people have used to take notes on their devices.   Today they announced that they would be releasing an update to their PlayBook application soon.  Hit the break for the info.

Download Bar Files for your Blackberry Playbook with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter

We all know that the Blackberry Playbook can support Android Application and can be sideloaded to the Playbook either using the DDPB install or Local Bar2 application, the only drawback is the ability to get the selected bar files to begin with, now with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter a new site that allows you […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.1 Security features explained

When Alec Saunders first made a statement regarding how RIM was going to do to curb piracy on the PlayBook everyone assumed that RIM was going to eliminate side-loading of apps.  Saunders was in fact not referring to side-loading, but rather the efforts that have been baked into the PlayBook OS 2.0.1 update to help […]

Blackberry Playbook Makes Impact on Tablet Market in India!

Research in Motion has in the past had issues with India and the Blackberry but they a have been “In Motion” to change things around by appointing Sunil Dutt as their New Managing Director for India and with the BlackBerry PlayBooks Selling out in 4 Days in India making it now owning the third largest […]

BlackBerry 10 OS Coming to PlayBook Once BB10 Devices Hit the Market

It’s been widely known that the BlackBerry PlayBook would indeed receive the BlackBerry 10 operating system, yet no one was exactly sure when this might occur. With the release of BB10 devices going to be announced and put on the market in some time between August and early October, it’s estimated that BlackBerry 10 for […]

Developers: RIM Has Released Samples of Blackberry 10 Code!

RIM is continuing to make progress with and for the Blackberry 10, you can see from the approach that when this platform is finalized it will be ready to take on many challenges as well as critics and other platforms. RIM has published samples of code using Cascades, the Blackberry 10 Native SDK, as well HTML […]