BlackBerry Q10 QWERTY With Full Rubberized Back Caught on Camera

James recently took a look a the BlackBerry Q10 QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry 10 device  and now we have few new images to tickle your BB10 fancy. The new images show that the Q10 has been updated with a full rubberized backing, unlike the first images we saw with a plastic like backing along the top of the device. […]

CEO Thorsten Heins: Yes, we have teams working on BB10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Ever since the release of BlackBerry 10 OS, current BlackBerry PlayBook users have been wondering if and when the BlackBerry 10 devices will receive the BlackBerry 10 update. CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be updated to BlackBerry 10.

theScore for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v2.0.3.62

theScore for BlackBerry 10 has been updated to version v2.0.3.62, this update is currently in BlackBerry World for free. This updat brings MLB Baseball league coverage and minor bug fixes and enhancements.The Best Sports App. Ever! theScore has been completely re-designed for BlackBerry 10 to give you the ultimate mobile sports experience.

OpenWhatsApp BAR File Now Available for Download for the Z10

Hot on the heels of the official WhatsApp application being released next week the OpenWhatsApp developers have released the BAR file available today. The OpenWhatsApp BAR file will have to be sideloaded on to your BlackBerry Z10, but once that is done you will be able to use WhatsApp before the application is released! Hit […]

Rumor has it that the BlackBerry Z10 will launch on March 22nd on AT&T

Well as all of us here in the USA are STILL waiting for the highly anticapated BlackBerry Z10 launch, a new rumor has surfaced from a recent report from Hugo Miller over at Bloomberg. In the article people on AT&T that are looking to pick up the BlackBerry Z10 should be on the lookout starting […]

Jetpack Joyride Hits BlackBerry 10

Jetpack Joyride from Halfbrick has been released for BlackBerry 10! Jetpack Joyride is currently now available for the Blackberry PlayBook and BlackBerry Z10 for FREE for both devices! Join Barry as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers.

WhatsApp to be Released for BlackBerry 10 Next Week

More in the WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 saga! If you have been following the news surrounding WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10 you will be vey happy to know that WhatsApp will be available next week, this according to Alex Kinsella from the BlackBerry developer relations team. Alex sent out a tweet with the following message: “Prediction […]

BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam in Belgrade, Serbia – April 6th 2013 at the Zira Hotel

The biggest BlackBerry event in the Balkans region – 06. April 2013! * Get to know BlackBerry Z10 smartphone – first device running BlackBerry 10 OS * Cutting edge developers and new BlackBerry stuff in Belgrade * Attendance is free of charge * 100 (very) hot prizes for participants * VIP Party for BlackBerry crowd […]

Pre-Orders Open for BlackBerry Z10 from Optus Australia

  If you are in Australia and on or thinking about switching to Optus you will be happy to know that Optus has opened pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10. Optus will begin shipping the BlackBerry Z10 will begin shipping on March 25th! You can learn more by visiting Optus to pre-order the BlackBerry Z10!

BlackBerry Experience Forum Makes A Stop in New York City

The BlackBerry Experience has been making multiple stops for a while now and still has some to go. Their last stop was in Chicago yesterday and then they are headed to Dubai on the 13th. On the 4th they were in New York City and some video was recorded of the event. The BlackBerry Experience […]

BlackBerry Z10 OS Rolling Out to O2 UK Users

As you can see from the above screenshot OS is rolling out to O2 UK BlackBerry Z10 owners. This OS is the highest we have seen the last round of OS updates was to version, this OS brought lots of improvements including much better battery life.

Thorsten Heins Becomes A Canadian Citizen

  Mr Heins joins the millions of us in the Canadian Club. He officially became a citizen in a ceremony held yesterday in Kitchener, Ontario. He hasn’t abandoned his own country Germany though, as he will hold a dual citizenship.

The Daily. The News Reader for BlackBerry 10

One of the apps I use ,most on my smartphone, not matter what platform I am using, is a quality Google Reader client.  When i first got my BlackBerry Z10 they were few and far between, but there has been a lot more choice in BlackBerry World in the last few weeks.  One of the […]

Patent Application Shows Dual-Screen BlackBerry

  As innovative as BlackBerry is this patent application for a dual-screen BlackBerry really does not surprise me one bit. Now what is interesting is the fact that the patent shows dual-screens. The dual-screens in this patent would see touch gestures that run across both displays. Now again this is just on a paten application […]

Virgin and Bell users reporting BlackBerry 10 software update is now available for download

Canadian BlackBerry users on Virgin and Bell will be happy to know that the software update is now starting to show up for download.  BlackBerry users on Rogers, Fido, Koodo and TELUS have already seen this update  that provides quite a few enhancements to the BlackBerry Z10.  The most important part of this software update is in […]

BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben gives Q&A to discuss Alicia Keys’ role as Global Creative Director

There were a lot of questions about what exactly Alicia Keys was going to do as the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry.  Well BlackBerry CMO, Frank Boulben, sat down with MarketingWeek to discuss this very topics.

Twitter and LinkedIn Apps for BlackBerry 10 Updated

BlackBerry has released updates to the native Twitter and LinkedIn applications for BlackBerry 10. These updates include a ton of features and fixes. Again this update for both applications is only for the BlackBerry Z10. It is great to see BlackBerry consistently on the ball rolling out these great updates to improve the overall user […]

AT&T Device Help app for BlackBerry 10 is now live in BlackBerry World

We are only mere days away from the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T, if the rumors are to be believed, and it looks like AT&T is getting ready for it.  The AT&T Device Help app for BlackBerry 10 devices is now live in BlackBerry World.

Social Network Client Exclusively Built for BlackBerry 10!

James sent me some information from a tweet from @filos “  client exclusively built for BlackBerry 10 soon available on BlackBerry World… stay tuned″!  If you have never heard of it is an Ad-Free, paid social networking website and as you can see from the above tweet the client was exclusively built for […]

Check Out The BlackBerry House at SXSW 2013

If you are headed to Austin for SXSW 2013 and are a BlackBerry lover or just curious about the new BlackBerry Z10 then you may want to listen up! BlackBerry has set up a web page so you can RSVP for a visit to their open house. The BlackBerry House will be open daily from […]