Tobin Smith Predicts RIMM Stock Share Price of $30!

BlackBerry will rein once again in 2013! According to Fox News Market Analyst and CEO of NBT Equity Research, Tobin Smith, is predicting that RIM’s current market price of $11.87USD will increase to over $30 USD this year alone. This falls inline with the launch of new BlackBerry 10 devices expected to be announced on January 30!


RIM Files Patent To Prevent “Inconspicuous Use Of Cameras”

The idea of IT espionage is noting new, and RIM has even been at the wrong end of a “Mr. Blurrycam” photo or two.  Well RIM has submitted a patent on tech that will prevent “inconspicuous use of cameras” on their devices.  The idea is that the user will be required to maintain focus on […]

Happy New Years from @NerdBerry!

We want to wish you a safe and prosperous New Year! We also wanted to wish you good luck with all of the New Years resolutions that are now in front of many of us. We look forward to an amazing 2013! Remember BlackBerry 10 is now only 29 days away!!!!!!

Mysterious BlackBerry 10 Model RFH121LW Lands at the FCC

Just the other day we saw the Blackberry 10 ”L-series” BlackBerry Z10 to pass through the FCC, now there is a Mysterious BlackBerry 10 model RFH121LW over at the FCC. The Mysterious BlackBerry 10 model RFH121LW currently at the FCC does not have much information to go on at this time. There are no images, or specs […]

Developers Don’t Forget To Submit Your Apps For BlackBerry 10 – Only 11 days Left

For all those developers out there working on BlackBerry 10 apps, don’t forget that you only have 11 days left to get them submitted to AppWorld.  With months of webcasts and BlackBerry Jam events behind us, the deadline for submission is quickly approaching as developers need to have their apps submitted by 8pm EST on […]

RIM Investing $1 Billion Dollars into the Launch of BlackBerry 10

Microsoft has been spending 1 Billion dollars on their advertising campaign but much of their campaign is just showing off Windows 8 as a ‘cool product’ it does not educate the users about Windows 8 nor explain how its any better than previous software. In an interview with CNBC, RIM CEO goes on record saying […]

Foursquare Updates Their Privacy Policy

Foursquare has released a new privacy policy that will take effect on January 28th 2013. Foursquare will now display your full name and a business on Foursquare will be able to see more of their recent customers. Not a huge deal if you ask me… Hit the break for the full privacy policy.

Get The BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case For Only $47.99 From The Source

If you are in Canada and have been looking for a deal on the Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook, then look no further than The Source.

BlackBerry 10 Device Passes through FCC with GSM Bands and LTE!

Finally Research in Motion has allowed the Blackberry 10 “L-series” BlackBerry Z10 to pass through the FCC, there is only one model of this device, presumably the GSM and 4G LTE(T-Mobile, and AT&T), RFF91LW and it seems that the international frequencies of the devices have been included as well.

Subtle Differences Between X10 (N-Series Leaks) Final Hardware or Dev Alpha C?

Great eyes over in CrackBerry Forums. Plazmic Flame has taken a closer look at the leaked photos we posted, and the leaks today from N4BB. Our sources have told us that the photo we leaked is indeed final hardware. While I cannot speak as to whether the N4BB leaks from today are indeed the Dev […]

BlackBerry #27 in List of 101 Gadgets that Changed the World

The History Channel has a show titled ‘101 Gadgets That Changed The World’ The list was put together by Popular Mechanics and #27 THE BLACKBERRY. While “smartphones” reigned in as #1, BlackBerry got its own special spot in the gadget list. Pretty awesome!

HOT: First Clear Images of BlackBerry X10 (N-series) QWERTY

We leaked exclusive photos of the Blackberry 10 QWERTY from behind, and today N4BB has posted them in all their glory. These are must see photos! Check them out after the break! Im diggin’ the look of the BlackBerry 10 on the QWERTY as much as I am on the Z10. What are your thoughts?

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Turns 55 Today Amidst BlackBerry Turnaround Bid

I shall start by wishing Thorsten Heins a happy birthday. For those of you reading who are unsure as to whether Heins is the right man to bring BlackBerry back from the edge upon which it is so precariously perched, be enlightened by the fact that these waters are not new to Mr. Heins. Thor as I […]

More BlackBerry Z10 Photos Surface

We have been seeing a lot of the BlackBerry Z10 in the form of photo and video leaks. We are just weeks away from Research In Motion huge launch of BlackBerry 10 so it is just fitting that we continue to see more images and videos. There is really nothing new to see here in […]

BlackBerry Born Again, a new BlackBerry inspired song by Josef’s Coat

Thanks be to @BBSuperAbuser for sending this one in. We have a rock song promoting #BlackBerry10 ! I’m diggin this tune, as much as Lil E’s catch, No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10. Makes me happy to see all the support for BlackBerry 10. I’m glad #TeamBlackBerry has bonded together to really support RIM through this […]

Why 2013 Is The Dawn Of A New Age For Research in Motion with BlackBerry 10

I have maintained that RIMs overall strategy has always been much more keen than that of Apple or Google. While they dominate the consumer space–it isn’t everything. Google and Apple fight hand over fist for every single consumer. RIM has always played to the enterprise niche. It makes more sense to sell 1 company 10,000 […]

Add A Video Camera Shortcut On Your PlayBook Thanks To SCrApps

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook you may have been wondering why there is no shortcut on your homescreen for the video camera.  Sure there is a shortcut for the camera, but sometimes you just need to quickly record a video, and this is where Free Video Camera from SCrApps comes into play.  It is […]

@BlackBerryScoop Purports More False Images

Oh man! First we told you leaks from @BlackberryScoop purported from NetFlix were photoshopped. And today he’s posted the photos below that he got from CrackBerry Forums  move along nothing to see here… These photos are proof that you shouldn’t believe anything you see on the internet

#TeamBlackberry Blackberry 10 is OURS Let’s get the Apps we want on board!

@NICKVALENTINO has put together a nice site that lets you auto-tweet the big name app providers to tell them you want them to support BlackBerry10. With that said what are you waiting for? Head to and tweet your favorite apps, get them onto the platform #TeamBlackBerry. We are the future of mobile, we’re taking BlackBerry back to […]

WiFi File Transfer for BlackBerry Updated to Version 3.1

WiFi File Transfer – File Explorer – WiFi FTP Server for BlackBerry updated to version 3.1. This update is currently available in BlackBerry World for free. To use Wi-Fi file transfer, make sure your BlackBerry® device and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then simply open the Wi-Fi File Transfer application, Start the Server […]