DJ App Pacemaker Headed to a Z10 Near You

Mobile Link We have covered Pacemaker many times since its launch at BlackBerry World Live 2012, in fact I was first in line to have the application sideloaded on my PlayBook! Any way Pacemaker has stated in an email that the PlayBook application will become a muti device app, meaning that it will work on […]


Hostile Skies 2 For BlackBerry Java Devices

Not many games are getting released anymore for older BlackBerries. All the focus has been on BlackBerry 10, but there are still some developers who have love for the oldies. Hostile Skies 2 was recently released and actually not long after the first Hostile Skies. The second one is a huge improvement in graphics.

BlackBerry Celebrates Sinulog In The Philippines

BlackBerry has continued their Action Starts Here promotion in the Philippines. They held two events in Cebu as part of their campaign to get more people to join BlackBerry. Sinulog is a festival held every year in the Philippines with parades, street dancing, and parties, the event is so huge that it draws people from […]

Valentine’s Sale For 10tons BlackBerry 10 Games

10tons is having a Valentine’s Day sale for two of its games. Sparkle and Joining Hands are currently going for 99 cents at BlackBerry World. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to take advantage of it. And check out the other games that 10tons has.

Apple and Android Trade-Ins Increased after BlackBerry 10 Launch

Interesting news, ever since the BlackBerry 10 announcement there has been an increase in phone trades-ins. However what is interesting is ever since the launch of BB10, popular trade site, didn’t see many trades but after the BlackBerry 10 Launch sales have taken off! Surprisingly from Apple and Samsung owners! Hit the jump for the details and […]

US carriers not hopeful on BlackBerry Z10 according to analyst

The BlackBerry Z10 has been seeing great sales in both the UK and Canada since its release.  However the US market is still waiting to get the first BlackBerry 10 device, and certain analysts believe that the Z10 will not fair as well in the US.  It seems that carriers may be more excited about […]

Cross-Platform messaging app Touch now available for BlackBerry 10

We all have friends that don’t use a BlackBerry, and it is sometimes tough to get that BBM style of chatting going with them.  Developer Enflick has made Touch for BlackBerry 10 available in BlackBerry World today.  Touch has gained quite a bit of success with BlackBerry users due to extent of features it has. […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS Updated to v2.1.0.1526

The BlackBerry PlayBook OS has received an updated to version This update includes updated for in-app payments ant text messaging over BlackBerry Bridge. I am hearing that this update is still rolling out to the PlayBook at this time. If you happen to notice anything different feel free to let us know in the […]

Slacker Radio now available for BlackBerry 10

There are already a few good streaming audio apps in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10, but a lot of people are fans of Slacker Radio.  I am sure that this is in part due to the fact that Slacker came pre-loaded on a lot of previous BlackBerry devices.  Well for those of you that have […]

Vodafone Ghana announces the BlackBerry Z10 is now available for Pre-order

Vodafone Ghana has been putting a push on bringing the latest and greatest smartphones to its customers.  They have announced that customers can pre-order the BlackBerry Z10 by sending in an email to, that includes their name, number and location.

BlackBerry 10 Software Review – A Whole New BlackBerry Experience

Now that we have looked at the physical hardware of the BlackBerry Z10 it is now time to look at the operating system that is powering the device. Blackberry 10 is a huge departure for the company. It truly does not contain one line of code from previous BlackBerry OS’s, but is it good enough […]

Hardware Review Of The BlackBerry Z10 – The BlackBerry For The Future

It has been over a week since I was presented with a BlackBerry Z10 at the Toronto launch event. I did not want to rush out a review without having spent a good deal of time with the device. With a 1.0 mobile operating system, and a whole new design from BlackBerry, I did not […]

BBM Money Pilot Program Hits Indonesia

We have covered BBM Money here on NerdBerry before, BBM Money will let you send money between BBM contacts. Well we received a tip that BlackBerry had started a BBM Money pilot program in Indonesia. Well I did some digging and found out that financial institution PermataBank and AGIT Monitise Indonesia have approved BBM Money.

Last Weather App for BlackBerry 10 Gives it To You Straight [NSFW]

Most weather apps out there try to be beautiful and give you all kinds of details.  Personally I just want to know what it is like outside, and then move on to the next thing in my life.  The Last Weather App from Marco van Hylckama Vlleg provides you with the weather straight and simple, and with some […]

BlackBerry Z10 experiences exceptional sales during first week at Phones 4u

Phones 4u confirmed it has enjoyed an exceptional response to the new Blackberry® Z10 in both white and black, with over 55% of their 680 stores selling out of the devices during the first weekend of sales. BlackBerry Z10 in White available at Phones 4u- As Phones 4u is currently the only place people can […]

Sonos Considering BlackBerry 10 App!

BlackBerry 10 sales are taking off and many carriers are seeing record breaking sales all of this buzz has caught the attention of Sonos  co-founder Tom Cullen. Being the inevitable question, Would they consider bringing the Sonos Application to the BlackBerry 10 computing platform, and he commented positively to the idea with:

Riptide GP Game For BlackBerry 10

Riptide GP was just launched for BlackBerry 10 having already been available for other OS’. Yay for ports! This is a water racing game that totally reminds me of Wave Race. Of course Riptide GP isn’t pixelated and only running a handful of colors. No this game is highly detailed, and gives off a futuristic […]

The Top 5 Things To Know About The BlackBerry Q10

We have the all touch device, but there are still people wanting the qwerty handset. It’s one of the major features BlackBerry is known for. I love the keyboard on BlackBerries. Some have tried to copy, and do okay, but in my opinion don’t quite match BlackBerry’s legendary keyboard. There is still sometime before it […]

Love Pandora Radio and Own a BlackBerry Z10? Check Out Apollo!

Ever since the launch of the BlackBerry 10 devices music lovers have been wanting a Pandora Radio client. At this point there was no solution to this problem, enter Apollo. Other than side loading. Apollo is a FREE third-party client for Pandora Radio that runs on your BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 Smartphone!

Atomicom Brings More Games To BlackBerry 10 And The PlayBook

Atomicom has already released Switch, the fast paced distance game. And now they’ve gone ahead and release an additional 4 games to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook. The new games are titled Angry Wife, Cats and Bombs, Tiny Jewels and The Best Christmas Game Ever.