WhatsApp has No Love for BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp is a very popular cross-platform smartphone messaging application available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS. WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your existing internet data plan to help you stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family. WhatsApp apparently has NO plans on supporting BlackBerry 10.


RIM Picking Up the Costs of Customs Department’s BlackBerry 10 Trial

It’s clearly good news for Research In Motion that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department is willing to give BlackBerry 10 a second look. It was a big customer before, and its initial decision to dump RIM in favor of the iPhone was a noteworthy blow. A key to the success of BlackBerry’s future is being able […]

Video Faceoff: Dev Alpha B (BB10) vs iPhone 5 Running iOS6

Mobile Link Video Description: This was recorded in a meeting room in my office, so you might be able to tell I was rushing a little bit. The Dev Alpha B had an OS version of It was running mobile hotspot that was coming from my Bold 9900. Both were on Fido (3G).

Pictures: BlackBerry L-Series Breakdown

There is a run of speculation between the Laguna/Lisbon Series BlackBerry 10 all touch and the BlackBerry 10 London. Below is a picture showing off the phones side by side and you can see the inner working are not in the same places. This is likely due for the accommodation of  different cellular antennas. N4BB claims, […]

BlackBerry 10’s Latest Port-A-Thon Yields Over 4,000 Apps In 36 Hours. Nearing 120,000 apps in BlackBerry World

Twitter has been ablaze with great enthusiastic around the results of BlackBerry 10s latest Port-A-Thon. This time over 4,000 apps were submitted within the 36 hour long hack-a-thon. Truly amazing stuff, goes to show the momentum BlackBerry has as we near just over a month until launch. While these port-a-thons may come off as “desperate” of RIM […]

Speculation: Where did iOS 6 Maps Go Wrong? They didn’t have Cascades

Brought to my attention by Micheal @BlackBerryfan10–if we go back to 2010 we got a great preview of a TAT Cascades powered 2D/3D Map Application showing off crazy cool transitions from 2D to 3D maps achievable via the Cascades UI. See video after the break. Low and behold TAT (Now RIM Sweden) licensed the 3D Map Meshes from another […]

Video: Sphero App Created for BlackBerry 10 In Less Than 2 hours

The amazing augmented reality game Sphero gets into works for BlackBerry 10 platform! This robotic Beaver is the first app ever to let you take a virtual 3-dimensional character for a walk around your house. You can even interact with the real world & eventually, make him an imaginary pet. The video description says, Thanks to our BlackBerry 10 NDK, […]

RIM’s Thorsten Heins nominated for TSX Tech Exec of the Year

Michael Donovan, Thorsten Heins, and Michael Roach are the nominees for the Cantech Letter 2012 TSX Tech Executive of the Year. For the first ten months of Thorsten Heins tenure, he endured more doubt and scrutiny and outright ridicule than any rookie CEO should have to suffer. Regardless, Heins plodded on as the delay of RIM’s […]

Don’t let the bears fool you. RIM stock is worth between 30-40$

Continually upset with the inaccuracies around RIM, an author over at Guru focus has put up 2 articles the most recent laying out the math behind a truer valuation of RIM as it stands at the gates of BlackBerry10. Posted back in July ‘Time to Buy Research in Motion‘ and closing out his latest article today stating, “Even […]

RIM teams up with GetTaxi and offers free credit for your first London taxi ride

GetTaxi for BlackBerry smartphones ensures hassle-free travel around the capital by identifying a user’s location to bring them a taxi as quickly and effectively as possible. GetTaxi features include radar functionality, so users can see exactly how far away their cab is, in addition to full driver information including number plate, phone number and photo. […]

10 Reasons Why BlackBerry 10 is Better Than iOS 6

Combining the powerful Neutrino OS from QNX, beautiful UI from TAT and industry-leading WebKit browser from Torch Mobile, BlackBerry has created the most advanced mobile platform in the world – BlackBerry 10.  In addition, incorporating an advanced contact management system from Gist and licensing the SwiftKey keyboard has allowed BlackBerry to take its traditional strengths […]

Photo Wrap Up: BlackBerry 10 ‘L Series’ Along Side Competition

We’ve seen plenty of great hi-res shots of the L-series BlackBerry 10 phone set to launch along side N-Series QWERTY on January 30th, 2013, but the first BB10 full touch device has made its rounds posing for pictures aside its competitors. Last night we got a great image of the BlackBerry 10 L next to the iPhone 5 both powered […]

Radio Player for BlackBerry PlayBook

At 1.99$ in App World. Radio Player for PlayBook gives you quick access to title name and track of current-playing song, while giving you connect to over 60,000 radio stations from across the globe. You can setup playlists of different stations and transform your PlayBook into one slick radio. Sporting a clean UI and great customer support, […]

BlackBerry Desktop Software Updated to v7.1.0.37 (Bundle 39)

BlackBerry Desktop Software has updated to version (Bundle 39). This update brings us a refined user experience with enhancements to media and Personal Information Management (PIM) synchronization. Users now have the ability to synchronize individual songs to your BlackBerry smartphone.

Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v6.3.32

Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v6.3.32 in App World. . Introducing the new age of social cooking with a unique and inspirational culinary app! Downloaded more than 600 000 times from Blackberry App World, Google Play, Amazon AppStore and others. New Cooklet app is now available on BlackBerry PlayBook. Favorite cooking […]

AT&T Announces BlackBerry 10 via Developer Pages!

I was just surfing the interwebs and came across a very interesting update that AT&T has made to their website… Apparently AT&T has outed the fact that they will be offering BlackBerry 10 smartphones! I found this outed information from within their developer pages. AT&T’s developer pages are set up for developers to get their […]

Irish Government Gives up on Blackberry, Will they return for BlackBerry 10?

The Irish government has announced that it will be dropping support for Blackberrys and in turn they will settle for iPhones and Android devices, according to SiliconRepublic. The switch affects Teachta Dála’s (TD’s) in the lower house of the Oireachtas (the Irish Parliament). Irish government officials government, feels that BlackBerry is no longer a cost effective […]

BlackBerry User don’t get a Junk Call, Ever, Again!

S4BB just let us in on their new application, Junk Call Blocker,an app that blocks unsolicited calls for free. You know those random annoying calls you get from lets say an ex, telemarketers, or just people you don’t want to talk to now you can block those numbers and never hear from them again!!!

More Pics of the BlackBerry 10 Instagram Like Photo Editor

BlackBerry 10 has been rumored to be launching with its own Instagram like photo editing software.  As you can see in these pics it looks a lot like Instagram, even so much that we thought it was an Instagram app for BlackBerry 10.  As this is core function it will allow you to easily share your filtered […]

Keep Additonal SMS Fees to a Minimum With “Text Count Alert” for BlackBerry

While unlimited sms is quickly becoming par for the course with many carriers, there are still some that charge out the wazoo for additional sms messages. Now this can be a big surprise on your monthly bill, and one that everyone would like to forego at this time of year, but there is an app […]