Tungle.me Shuts Down Service Today

Tungle.me has officially shut down their standalone service as of today. But don’t worry they are developing for Blackberry 10. In the meantime they suggest you use Doodle in replacement of Tungle. hit the break to read the “goodbye” letter


BlackBerry 10 and the new QNX Neutrino 8.0.0

In the 30 year history of QNX, the real-time microkernal operating system that’s under the hood of the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 phones the QNX Neutrino has received 1 major OS upgrade every ten years. I’ve speculated for a long long time that BlackBerry 10 would run on the latest and greatest build of the […]

RIM brings BlackBerry 10 road show to Halifax (Video)

More unbiased-positive reviews of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system from Research in Motion keep flooding in. This time RIM heads to Halifax, to show of its next-gen operating system set to be revealed early in 2013. (Launch event set for January 30th). While RIM hasn’t let go too many details about their revolution strategy […]

BlackBerry 10 and Facebook APIs Incompatible over Webview Issue

Hey Devs interesting fact for you when you are creating your applications and using FaceBook APIs in BlackBerry 10. Currently as a few devs have been struggling with, is that there is no way to integrate native FaceBook APIs into your games for BlackBerry 10. If you use FaceBook APIs in your games to say invite FaceBook users to […]

Financial Review BlackBerry 10: it knows what you’re thinking

Australian Financial Review on BlackBerry 10: “I really wanted to touch it, too, because it looks so very good. The user experience on BlackBerry 10 is much more modern, crisper and more engaging, than that of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. It even feels a little newer than Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8” – John Davidson. […]

BlackBerry UK launches their Advent Calendar Contest

The Holiday Season is now upon us and BlackBerry UK has decided to get in on the action. They have launched their BlackBerry Advent Calendar Contest.

RIM details what the change to BlackBerry AppWorld means to developers

Recently during the BlackBerry Jam Asia conference RIM spoke about the name change of BlackBerry AppWorld to simply BlackBerry World. Now I am sure that there are quite a few developers and users that have been wondering what this change entails, while RIM outlined it today in a post.

Plex for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v2.2.4.1

Plex, Inc.has released an update to their application Plex for the BlackBerry PlayBook. At this time there is no change log available to us at this time. Plex delivers the best video, music and photo experience that connects you to any online or personal content–including movies, TV shows, videos, music and photos. Plex works with […]

Team Inspira, Grand Winner of BlackBerry JamHack 2012

The winner for the first simultaneous Asia Pacific (APAC) wide 40-hour Hackathon was announced during BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. Team Inspira from Jakarta, led by Vincentius Putra, was choosen as the winner with their app Soccer Ticker. Soccer Ticker helps users stay updated with the latest football results and remain connected with friends at all times.

Two Free BlackBerry 10 Icon Sets for Developers

If you have ever developed an app before you know that one of the struggles is finding an icon set that works aesthetically with the target platform. Long time BlackBerry developer, formerly of mblware and now part of the RIM Developer Relations Team, @chadtatro was also struggling with that issue. He has been tasked with creating sample […]

Kisai Labs has released another build of their Tumblr App Trapeez

A new build ( for Trapeez is now available! It brings a slew of new features and overall improvements. The guys over at Kisai Labs have been hard at work ironing out bug fixes for its BETA members and adding new new features, most notably to this edition of the build is the ability to […]

Appcelerator Developers, Port your app to BB10 and get amazing support

Devs who port over an existing Titanium app or create a new one for BlackBerry 10, and successfully publish the app on the BlackBerry App World store, will receive 1 year of free Appcelerator Cloud Services and Analytics (a $4500 value!) for the app. Be one of the first 1000 to port your app to the […]

BlackBerry 10 Accessories Shown on RIM Price List

Now here is something we have been waiting for, and accessories list for BlackBerry 10 devices! These OEM accessories where found on a Research In Motion price list by Tamas @BerryBlog.hu. After going over the list it seems that RIM is still going to offer the leather swivel holster that a lot of people were […]

Connecting with Enterprise Developers and IT Admins at the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour

Mobile Link At the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour – Enterprise Edition in Washington, D.C. we managed to chat with Mike, an enterprise developer and IT administrator in attendance. We cover topics like cross-platform Mobile Device Management (MDM), BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, and more.

The BlackBerry Business Social Media Team has a New Community Manager

Mobile Link Steph Frisina recently joined the BlackBerry Business Social Media Team as a new community manager, and will be kicking off a video leadership series to share RIM’s vision for BlackBerry 10 and the future of mobile computing.

BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 Highlights

Mobile Link Wish you were here? Check out the excitement on ground at BlackBerry Jam Asia held in Bangkok Thailand from 29-30 Nov 2012, where developers got a first-hand experience with the new Blackberry 10 devices! Thanks for coming to BB Jam Asia 2012 folks, and see you at the next one!

Decoding Releases 3 BlackBerry 10 Games into BlackBerry World!

The developers from Decoding have released three BlackBerry 10 games into BlackBerry World. The three games are Pirates of Galaxy, Match Up Retro & Untangle Retro. They have five more games in the work for BlackBerry 10 as well. All three games have been developed using HTML5 :).

DHL Global Forwarding Track App Now Available for BlackBerry

DHL IT Services has released DHL Global Forwarding Track for BlackBerry. The DHL Global Forwarding Track application for BlackBerry lets you access up-to-date tracking details directly from your BlackBerry phone. You will know when your Air or Ocean shipments are delivered, in-transit, and even when there are exceptions.

Christmas In Nigeria – Free Prizes with BlackBerry Purchase!

The BlackBerry Mega Gift Mania This festive season when you buy a BlackBerry Smartphone  in Nigeria you will get a free gift with every smartphone you purchase. Promotion valid from 19 Nov 2012 till stocks last. •BlackBerry Curve 9220 – 205 credits for FREE music downloads from Spinlet work 240 Naira FREE set of Aerial7 headphones worth 4800 Naira […]

Keynote from BlackBerry Jam Asia now available

BerryReview has sighted TechRevolusionist upload of the entire, hour and half long keynote from the BlackBerry Jam Asia conference. RIM has been sojourning around the world drumming up excitement for their next gen BlackBerry 1o platform and BBJam Asia was a major stop on the trip. While the video doesn’t show us much that’s ‘new’ in […]