Poynt talks about their plans for the future at BlackBerry 10 Jam

Poynt Sr. Vice President or Marketing and External Relations, Margaret Glover-Campbell, joined Alec Saunders on stage at BlackBerry 10 Jam to discuss the future of their app in the new world of BlackBerry.  Glover-Campbell started off stating that 40% of their user base in on BlackBerry, which is an astounding number considering how many Android […]


SAP shows off their prototype HTML5 app at BlackBerry 10 Jam

With the addition of BlackBerry 10 Jam at BlackBerry World this year we are  seeing some pretty awesome stuff come out of the sessions.  One of these instances was when Peter Graham, Director, Mobility, Financial Applications SAP showed off their prototype HTML5 app and how well it works on the PlayBook and on existing BlackBerry 7 […]

RIM Jams It Out at BlackBerry 10 Jam Keynote – “The Waiting is the Hardest Part!”

There were some rather surprising things that happened at the BlackBerry 10 Jam Keynote.  The Keynote started with members of the RIM team entering the keynote signing “Waiting is the Hardest Part” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  Hit the break for the pictures from the keynote.

Quick video of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device with Android Runtime enabled

We just reported that our friend @FortNeyland95 has been hard at work and has gotten Android Runtime enabled on his BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device so we decided to meet up with him and shoot a quick video of the device in action. Now there was some confusion in our earlier post about this being […]

Headlines from day 2 at BlackBerry World

Well we are at the conclusion of day two of BlackBerry World, and while the parties have begun for the attendees, there is still lots to catch up on for those of us at home.  Hit the break for a list of the headlines from day two.

Breaking: Email working on BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device, as well as some phone functions thanks to Android

Now that the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device is in the hands of the developers you can expect to see more and more of this kind of stuff.  We are on the grou nd at BlackBerry World and just got word from @FortNeyland95 that he now has email working on his BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev […]

Is Thorsten Heins Changing The Face of RIM in More Ways Than One?

As BlackBerry World Conference continues on in full swing, it’s seems that one thing is becoming increasingly obvious: Thorsten Heins is significantly  more social with the BlackBerry community in comparison to Mike Lazaridis. Thorsten’s attempts at truly being a part of the people who adore everything BlackBerry proves to me that RIM is seriously changing […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 coming soon

As expected we for some news about the PlayBook 2.1 OS update at BlackBerry World. RIM announced that a developer build of the OS will be coming sometime around the end of the month, will a full release coming at the beginning of the summer.

Wikitude announces support for BlackBerry 10

Wikitude, the augmented reality browser, has announced that they will be supporting BlackBerry 10 when it is released. This is good to hear as many people have really taken a liking to Wikitude since it first released with BlackBerry 7 devices. Hit the break for the full press release.

Card2Contact Deal of the Month: BB10Jam

Card2Contact is a business card transcription service that is available to BlackBerry users.  It is a great tool for those Blackberry users that are constantly receiving business cards from prospective clients or partners.  Card2Contact is offering a promo for this month that allows unlimited conversions of business cards to digital contacts for 4.99 with the […]

Cascades: Out Of Box Experience, RIM Showcases Cascade UI Elements

RIM showcased their Cascades UI at Blackberry Jam 10 on Tuesday. They showed off a neat feature from the homescreen that is built on tiles, you can switch between apps with a slick shrinking/growing animation. Check out the preview of Cascades in the following pictures. hit the break for a ton of pictures!

A Quick Glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 camera

One of the more interesting features of BlackBerry 10 is going to be the new camera that RIM has developed.  When the BlackBerry 10 devices are launched I don’t think we are going to see the outrage that we did with the Bold 9900 and the EDOF camera that it contained.  The best new feature […]

BlackBerry 10 connected Porsche shown off at BlackBerry World keynote

How would you like to have a BlackBerry 10 connected Porsche?  I know that I would, I would even take a non-BlackBerry 10 Porsche if I had to choose.  During the keynote today, Thorsten Heinz not only talked about BlackBerry 10 but he also showed some non-mobile utilization of the operating systems.  What is interesting […]

Press Release: RIM Launches Blackberry 10 Platform

On the first day of Blackberry World 2012 RIM launched the Blackberry 10 Platform! After what has seemed like an eternity, RIM confirmed and officially launched their long awaited platform. Developers are able to get the toolkit for native and HTML5 software development as a beta download. VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystems Development Alec […]

BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs

So have you been wondering what exactly the specs of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device are?  Well we have some of them here for you, but please remember that this is a developer device and the final BB10 devices will not be the same as this alpha device.

RIM hosts an action packed first day of BlackBerry World 2012

Today has definitely been a whirlwind at BlackBerry World.  We have seen lots of new stuff, like  BlackBerry 10, as well as some new partnerships of developers with RIM.  So if you are feeling a little lost and not sure if you have caught up on everything, you can check out a quick summary of […]

BlackBerry Jam 10 brings some much needed developer focus, and some nice bonuses as well

After the Keynote today at BlackBerry World the next big thing was the kickoff of BlackBerry Jam 10.  This was the place to be if you are a BlackBerry developer as Alec Saunders, Vice President Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at Research In Motion, introduced some new stuff BB10 as well as giving us some of […]

Truphone starts to prepare BlackBerry 10 mobile VoIP services

It is amazing to see so many developers jumping on board with the BlackBerry 10 platform.  We are only a few hours out from the keynote and the press releases keep on coming.  This time it is Truphone that has announced that they are working on a BlackBerry 10 mobile VoIP service for the upcoming […]

Mippin announces support for BlackBerry and the BlackBerry 10 platforms

Now that BlackBerry 10 has been officially announced we are starting to see some news coming for developers.  Mippin has announced that they will be providing support for the BlackBerry platform.  This does not only include BB10, but also every OS version from BlackBerry OS5 all the way to BlackBerry OS7.  And yes BlackBerry 10 […]

BlackBerry 10 gets shown off at BlackBerry World

Today’s keynote at BlackBerry World in Orlando saw the introduction of BlackBerry 10.  The unveiling was met with much excitement and looks to be a giant step in the right direction for RIM.  Now of course the operating system is still in the works, but what was shown off leaves us wanting more, and more. […]