Leaked Images: BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana”

The folks over at N4BB have gotten there hands on a few leaked photos of the BlackBerry Bold Touch “Montana”. Rumored Specs: OS 6.1 2.8-inch VGA 640×480 capacitive screen Magnetometer Accelerometer Proximity sensor NFC 5MP camera  only 6.5GB of built in storage,  512MB of RAM


BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” Headed to Big Red!

Not sure how I missed this but PocketBerry picked it up! The BlackBerry Storm 3 “Monaco” is headed to Verizon! Be sure to check out the leaked video on the last post.

Next-Gen: BlackBerry Curve “Malibu” Touch Image and Specs!

  The Blackberry Apollo and Sedona will be the next update to the BlackBerry Curve. The BlackBerry Curve “codenamed Malibu” will be the CDMA version that will head in to the market as the BlackBerry Curve Touch. The Curve Touch is scheduled to be release  late 2011/early 2012 this will be RIM’s first Curve to lack […]

BlackBerry “Montana” is CDMA BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen – Image and Specs!

  CB got there hands on an image and specs for the BlackBerry “Montana”. Apperantly the “Montana” is CDMA with a touch screen and will be entering the BlackBerry Bold Touch family. This is RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry ever with premium materials and finishes and a forged, machined stainless steel frame. The BlackBerry Montana’s features and specs include: Dimensions: 115 […]

Storm 3 Details still emerging!

looks like the Storm 3 has made some appearances lately.Showing off its specs and getting some pics along the way.The S3 looks like its really shaping up to be another great BB release. Boasting a whopping 1.2ghz Processor, 720p video, and 8 gigs of internal storage. Its also pushing the envelop on screens for BlackBerries […]

The Storm 3 “Monaco” on the way to production? What is the BlackBerry “Montana”? 8900 or 9000 series??

  N4BB has stated that the BlackBerry “Monaco” which maybe the Storm 3 has gone in to production!?! Their source has stated that the Storm 3 will NOT have SurePress that is defenaty a step in the right direction. We still do not have any time frame as to when and if the Storm 3 with […]

Rumored Next-Gen BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” Pic And Specs Leak Out

BGR has gotten their hands on the above leaked image and spec of the next generation BlackBerry Curve Codenamed “Apollo”.  Apollo is stocked with a 480 x 360 screen, 5-megapixel camera, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and a tri-band HSPA 7.2Mbps radio, and NFC capability. I must say from the specs listed below this is one powerful Curve. Quad-band […]

Rumored Blackberry Dakota Pic And Specs Leak Out

The Dakota has been in and out of the rumor mill for quite awhile in the Blackberry world. Well today we have some leaked renders and some rumored specs to go off of. If you are unfamiliar with the Dakota is it rumored to be RIM’s first attempt at a touch-screen full QWERTY, with no […]

Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2.5/3 Specs!?!

It appears we are looking at some rumored specs of the BlackBerry Storm 2.5/3? There has been a lot of talk about this device in the past couple of months, BBLeaks has compiled a list of possible specs for the Storm 2.5/3 from multiple sources: Camera: 5MP, 2592×1944 pixels or 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, fixed focus, […]

TMobile To Launch 9780 on November 17th

TMobile customers assemble. This one is for you. The picture above shows the newest sibling to the renowned Bold 9700 being released on November 17th. This is somewhat strange as we have not been having a lot of news surrounding this device. Is RIM planning a sneak play on this outing? We shall see! What […]

Storm 3 Still In The Works?!

“The next couple of quarters may be better than we initially thought,” states the research note, “due to the launch of a non-haptic touch Storm 3 (Nov) and PlayBook (late Feb/early Mar). But we maintain our Hold rating as we wait for evidence of not just sell-in strength, but sell-through demand and pull.” The Jefferies […]

Sprint Reps To Start Training For Three New BlackBerry Devices Running OS6

I just received some news form my friend, who is a Sprint Call Center Manager, stating that their customer service reps will be training over three new BlackBerry devices running OS6. This training will take place on October 22nd. What will these new devices be? The Style 9670? The Curve 9330? Bold 9780? Stay tuned […]

Playbook To Be Offered In Multiple Colors?

After the announcement of the Playbook, the new Blackberry tablet device,  last week RIM teased us by having a few pre-production units on display for us to enjoy.   Not only did RIM show off the typical black device, but it looks like they also had a bright blue one on hand. It definitely looks like […]

Vodafone UK Prices for Bold 9780

Are you Nerds looking forward to the new device in the Bold series? You may not be waiting/dreaming long! For our followers from Great Britain, it may be even shorter of a wait. We’ve seen all sorts of leaks for the newest rendition of the Bold, from OS to photos and screenshots. Now we have […]

Clamshell (9670) drops in at the FCC

Looks like the Clamshell is getting closer to release. Above is the picture of what looks like the 9670, receiving an FCC label. The device is reported to be of the CDMA variety, running bothe Sprint and Verizon bands. It has also been reported to have 802.11 b/g/n wifi capabilities. This piques my interest in […]

Allerta Testing Battery Life on Upcoming inPulse Watch

Can’t wait for these to be released! Looks like we won’t be waiting much longer. I got news that Allerta, the makers of the upcoming inPulse watch, have begun testing the device’s battery life. This indicates a not-so-far-away release date! For those of you who may not be familiar with inPulse, it is an awesome […]

New Pictures of the 9780 In White Emerge!

Wow! Now this device looks appealing! Today I received a message showing me some new pics of the beloved Bold 9700 refresh, the 9780. One difference from other photos we’ve seen is that these show a sexy flash white housing. (I wish my S2 could have different housing colors!) This refresh is rumored to have […]

Leaked OS: BlackBerry Oxford 9670 OS

This is interesting a leaked OS for the Blackberry Oxford 9670. We should see some awesome hybrids from this one! Download Oxford 9670 OS here: RapidShare 4Shared With any leaked or official OS, if it is not for your carrier please remember to delete the vendor.xml file. NOTE: This is an unofficial RIM release. You […]

Torch 9800 to Launch on Rogers in September

For those of you in Canada that have chomping at the bit for your chance to get the new Blackberry Torch 9800, your wait will end soon. While the new RIM launched on August 12th in the US with AT&T there was only talk of “in the upcoming weeks” when it came to a Canadian […]

Screenshot of the Mysterious Blackberry 9890 Emerge

  This shot comes to us courtersy of @Willyboy6 from Driphter.com and while it is a pretty blurry photo there are a few things we can see from it. This is obviously a 4G (LTE) Blackberry and has the device number of 9890.  The rumors is that this is another slider, that looks like it […]