How to setup your Compass on BlackBerry 7 devices

One of the new features that BlackBerry 7 devices have is the compass functionality.  AS this is a relatively new feature to BlackBerry users I am sure that some of you out there haven’t bothered to set it up, or perhaps you didn’t even realize how useful it can be.  The Inside BlackBerry Blog has […]


Video: How To Setup Blackberry Messenger Groups

The Blackberry team put together a video that shows you how to setup BBM groups. The BBM groups are a great way to get a bunch of people together and have a large conversation. You can also share pictures, lists and more. hit the break for the video

How To: Secure Your BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has always been the avocates of wireless device security, very much so over other platforms. With the Blackberry Playbook being the first professional grade tablet it would have to be secure as well. And with the ability to share files wirelessly over a Wifi Network poses a threat of vulenarability that can occur if […]

NerdBerry’s How To: Delete BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Re-Install it Safely

This how to is for my baby sister @tiktok2486! She is a Noob when it comes to BlackBerry one day she will get it Hit the Break for the step by step instructions on how to delete BBM and re-install it correctly!

How To: Set up Your Email Accounts on BlackBerry 7

If you’ve just purchased or plan on purchasing a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 7 OS, one of the first things you should do is set up your email address(es). (Be sure to check out our other post about setting up BlackBerry smartphone email accounts if you’ve got a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 6 OS or […]

How To: Invite Your Friends To BBM Music Beta

We got an email from RIM telling us how we can invite more people to BBM Music and you can too! Read on for instructions. Inviting Your Friends Just Got Easier! Hi BBM Music Beta Testers, BBM Music is a cloud-based, social music service that allows you to share and discover music with your friends, […]

RIM Confirms Blackberry Playbook Charger, Charges Blackberry Smartphone 2x Faster!

Well this is something that I kinda knew, because I have charged my phone with my Playbook charger, RIM has confirmed via their shop Blackberry page that the Blackberry Playbook Charge can and will charge your Blackberry Smartphone. “Compatible with BlackBerry® smartphones with a micro-USB charging port. Charges smartphones 2x faster than a traditional smartphone charger” I won’t get into […]

BlackBerry 7: Getting Started Guide

Feeling like a kid in the candy store with your new Blackberry 7 device? So excited to get started but not to sure how to setup your phone, I mean it is a new OS? Well here is the Blackberry 7: Getting Started Guide that should get you set up and on your way, and […]

Get The Android Player Working On Your PlayBook With Android Market

  YouTube Mobile LinkIf you don’t have the Android Player on your Playbook, Google “” to download it. Follow the instructions below, along with the above video to get the Android Player working in (hopefully) 15 minutes or less. Instructions:

Battery Drain Issue on your Torch 9800? We have an Analysis.

One of the biggest concerns that BlackBerry users think about it battery drain when they are using thier device.  I personally had to purchase a extended battery to get thru the day without having to charge my phone because my drain was so severe with the standard issue battery.  Our friends at BlackBerry Empire decided […]

Wifi Sharing Not Working On the PlayBook, Use This Workaround

Since the latest update of the PlayBook has brought some new great features, unfortunately it came at a slight cost. You cannot do wifi sharing. But not a problem, because there is a solution. Simply follow these steps to get it working. 1. You’ll need the IP address of your PlayBook: Open the PlayBook’s settings […]

Blackberry PlayBook How-To Demos Put Out By RIM

RIM has nicely put together a web page on how to use the Playbook. So even if you think you have it all figured out, there may be something new in there to discover. Check out the Blackberry PlayBook demo here. Source

Get Skype, GTalk, Yahoo, AIM, and more on your BlackBerry PlayBook

While there is still no sign of a native instant messaging and or Skype on the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM, third party developers are busy working on alternative solutions. imo has done just that bringing MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, and Skype to the Blackberry Playbook. It is simple just enter into your browser and you’re set. You can even […]

Developer Ports Native SSH on Blackberry PlayBook

Marc Paradise has successfully used ARM binary code to port libssh over to QNX to build a basic SSH client.  This client can only be used from SSH sessions to the Blackberry Playbo0k.  This is a great feat and this step will be very useful in POSIX compliance on QNX OS. Therefore, developers will have the […]

Use Google Cloud Print On Your Blackberry Playbook

  Google Cloud Printing is the link between your network printer and network, this enables you to print Google docs and email attachments right from the Playbook. How to Setup Google Cloud Print Download and Install the Google Chrome Browser Launch Google Chrome, and then click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner. […]

RIM Posts Five BlackBerry Bridge tips for the BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has post 5 great BlackBerry Bridge tips for the BlackBerry PlayBook via their Inside Blackberry Help Blog. Multiple email account support and folder browsing Customizing the Messages Application view Using the Search feature Opening Attachments and File Types supported by BlackBerry Bridge Files Adding images to your Contacts Hit the break for more info

Get Apps On Your PlayBook Without Using Blackberry App World

Usually, when you want to download an app for the Playbook, you must use Blackberry App World to do it. This is extremely restricting, which is why How To Side Load PlayBook App instructions were created. Follow these steps so you can avoid having to use App World every time you want to download a […]

Playbook gets the teardown treatment

The folks over at did what they do best, show us the inner workings of the Playbook. According to the new tablet has neatness in design that could have come from Rain Man. Not surprising, RIM takes special care in how they build things.

Pairing PlayBook with Your BlackBerry

Mobile Link For those of you that have already set aside the money to pick up a PlayBook on release day; here is your video tutorial of the steps needed to pair you smart phone with your “smart” tablet.  Watch it as many times as you need to so that you can pair these two […]

Just in time for CES 2011 Two New BlackBerry PlayBook Videos!

BlackBerry PlayBook Web Fidelity Video (Multimedia, Games and Social Networking)   Mobile Link I was messing around on Facebook on my Bold 9700 and came across this post from the BlackBerry Fan Page: “BlackBerryReady for more PlayBook? Get excited, Team BlackBerry: we have not one, but TWO new PlayBook videos! Developers, Gamers…listen up! The first […]