Magic Puzzles: Romantic Collection By XIMAD Free Until the 15th February!

Magic Puzzles: Romantic Collection By XIMAD Free Until the 15th February! Enjoy playing high-quality jigsaw puzzles devoted to St. Valentine’s Day. Drag and rotate pieces to recreate the image. The level of complexity is determined by the number of pieces in the puzzle which vary from easy 42 to whopping 288 pieces. This game offers […]


Devs Have You Been Wondering How to Get Your App Featured in App World?

Have you been wondering how to get RIM to feature your application in App World? Well you can easly get your app featured with a photo and a description! Hit the break to find out more!

Convertinator for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available

Convertinator ByMatt d’Entremont has been released in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unit Converter for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ with currency data that automatically updates. Provides an easy-to-use conversion interface that displays many units at once.

Images of OEM BlackBerry PlayBook Docking Station Show Up Online?

We have heard very little from Research in Motion when it comes to an OEM PlayBook Docking Station. BlackBerry Czech has been able to obtain what they say in the soon to be release OEM docking station for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 Now in the Porsche Design Stores

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981 has arrived at the Porsche Design Store in Las Vegas this according to an email that was sent out to someone on the waiting list to get the device!

FREE PlayBook App: Minesweeper Classic (Mines)

Remember back in the day when you got a new PC Running Windows 98? The best game at the time was Minesweeper! Well Minesweeper Classic in now available for the BlackBerry Playbook for FREE! Classic Minesweeper game for your PlayBook (also known as Mines). Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while having fun along the […]

Alec Saunders at BlackBerry #DevCon Europe 2012

Alec Saunders – VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem Development, RIM, discusses how developers are connecting to make the most from the BlackBerry platform at BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012, 7th — 8th February in Amsterdam.

Developer’s Attending Mobile World Congress BlackBerry Developer Day Will Get a Free PlayBook

If you are a BlackBerry developer and are attending Mobile World Congress BlackBerry Developer Day you are in luck! RIM will be handing out FREE PlayBooks to Developers!!! Hit the break for more info!

Sunil Dutt, MD of Research in Motion, India : CNBC – TV18 Interview

Sunil Dutt speaks to CNBC TV18’s Kritika Saxena in his first interview as the Managing Director at Research in Motion India.

Mobile Payments for Small Business with BlackBerry & eMerit

See how small businesses can easily use a BlackBerry smartphone to take chip & pin credit and debit card payments from customers. The solution is simple, secure, easy to use and highly cost effective.

File Commander for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Updated to v2.0.0

File Commander for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v2.0.0! File Commander is a powerful tool for managing local files on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Thanks to the traditional GUI it is extremely easy to use and effective. With File Commander, you can browse your files in the most useful way.

Brain Cube Reloaded for BlackBerry

XIMAD has released Brain Cube Reloaded for BlackBerry in App World! Guinness book says that the current record for high-speed assembly of the Rubik’s Cube belongs to the robot CubeStormer II and is equal to 5.53 seconds.We guarantee that this robot can not pass up our game for the ages. Only a man could do […]

BlackBerry App World Updated to v3.1.1.15 In the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

It has been a while since we have seen an updated from the Beta Zone, so if was nice to see that BlackBerry App World was updated today to v3.1.1.15!

Runtastic for BlackBerry Gets Updated – Redesigned and Improved and More Intelligent User Interface

Runtastic contacted us to let us know that they have updated their application for BlackBerry! Runtastic is a leading provider of mobile sports and fitness apps which have been downloaded over 5 million times. The runtastic developers wanted to guarantee the stability, accuracy, reliability and ease of use of the BlackBerry app and fully reworked […]

EA Announces Launch of Plants VS. Zombies on the PlayBook

According to EA’s website Plants VS. Zombies is now available for the PlayBook. This is great news until you start searching for the application as it is no where to be found… Ronen Halevy over at BerryReview as well as myself have been searching for the game and are unable to locate it in App World. […]

Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Guide from RIM

If you are looking for last minute gift ideas for you Valentine then check out what RIM has sent out! Step 1: There’s nothing she’ll find more romantic than a surprise retreat to a romantic location. Book a quick getaway with the BlackBerry Travel app. Book transportation, lodging, etc., all while you’re pretending to be […]

Phone Remote For BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v3.2.0

Phone Remote For BlackBerry PlayBook  has been updated to v3.2.0! Bring all the functionality of your phone to your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Similar to a remote desktop application on your pc, this app brings your phone’s screen to your tablet allowing you to access all your apps, emails, texts, media, settings and options on your BlackBerry® […]

Xploding Boxes for BlackBerry PlayBook and Smartphones Updated to v3.1.0

Xploding Boxes for BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones has been updated to v3.1.0! Xploding Boxes is a strategy game where the intent is to start a chain reaction that will explode all of the boxes on the screen. Each level gives you a different number of clicks, and requires a different strategy to solve.

Slacker Radio for BlackBerry PlayBook has Been Updated to v1.1.49

Slacker Radio for BlackBerry PlayBook has Been updated to v1.1.49! With Slacker Radio you can listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ for free! You can listen to over 140 stations programmed by music experts or search for song and artist based stations right from your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. You […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9790 OS from Orange UK

BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.0.0.2487 (All Languages) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 9790AllLang_PBr7.0.0_rel2487_PL9.16.0.90_A7.0.0.611_Orange_UK.exe File size: 213.54MB Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.