Leaked AT&T Holiday Catalog Photo Shows Torch in Red and White

If anyone of you remember way back there were rumors of a Torch coming out in red, also recently there have been rumors of a white version. Well it looks like these rumors are true. As you can see from the leaked photo the two colors will be available from AT&T and should be out […]


O2 To Launch The Torch 9800 In October??

With all the rumors regarding the UK launch of the Torch 9800, there really hadn’t been much discussed for carrier O2. Well it appears today that a photo has leaked showing an October launch, dependent on the carrier’s approval of the device. I’m sure that O2 will approve the Torch and try to get it […]

Photo Leak: Curve 8980 “Atlas” With China Mobile Branding

It may come to a surprise to some of you that while many smartphone components are made in China, they do not always receive new devices at the same time as North America or Europe. Today we have some leaked photos of the what appears to be the newest Blackberry to hit the Chinese market. […]

Big Red Updates NFL Mobile, to be Released September 1st

Looks like Verizon is releasing an updated version of their NFL Mobile app. For all you Football fans out there, this update seems to be quite an upgrade. The app consists of two levels. The first being Basic. On the Basic level, for no additional charge per month you get: News/Headlines/Scores Team/Player news and stats […]

Allerta Testing Battery Life on Upcoming inPulse Watch

Can’t wait for these to be released! Looks like we won’t be waiting much longer. I got news that Allerta, the makers of the upcoming inPulse watch, have begun testing the device’s battery life. This indicates a not-so-far-away release date! For those of you who may not be familiar with inPulse, it is an awesome […]

Release Date?!? BlackBerry 9800 Torch on Rogers and Telus!

FutureShop’s inventory show’s the Torch 9800 to be released on September 15th. The release date is the day before Telus is supposed to be releasing the Torch(September 16th)! Drop us a line here on this post or head over to the NerdBerry forums to share your thoughts… Source: Trusted Nerd

New Pictures of the 9780 In White Emerge!

Wow! Now this device looks appealing! Today I received a message showing me some new pics of the beloved Bold 9700 refresh, the 9780. One difference from other photos we’ve seen is that these show a sexy flash white housing. (I wish my S2 could have different housing colors!) This refresh is rumored to have […]

Hootsuite Shows It’s Face!

Looks like we have some leaked Hootsuite pics! In the email sent to BlackBerry Rocks, the developers promised that the consumers who have been signed up for an invite for a “long time now” will be receiving those invites very soon. Head over to Hootsuite for more info, or checkout the full story. Source: BlackBerry […]

Bell Set To Launch Blackberry 6 In Early 2011?

  This photo has been leaked out from Bell and shows that they are looking to launch Blackberry 6 to existing devices in early 2011.  This photo is an internal screenshot and it shows the ‘roadmap’ if you will for what devices Bell is planning on offering Blackberry 6 to.  You can see that while […]

Verizon Wireless Announces BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Storm 2 9550 End of Life Dates for 3rd Party Retailers

It looks like we know have the official dates of when these devices will be shutdown for good. Now there was rumors about the EOL dates and now they can be confirmed as a leaked image of a Verizon Wireless screen shot of the EOL dates spreadsheet. The devices listed are as follows: BlackBerry 8530/8530L […]

First Look: Blackberry OS 6 Theme Builder Image

If you own Blackberry Torch 9800 or have a  Blackberry running OS6. Then you may get a little excited the photo speakes for itself. BB Leaks has reported that the new theme builder software should be released around the ime of DevCon! We can wait to see how theme are going to run on OS […]

Canadian Torch Launches Starting on September 21st in Toronto

I just came upon this and it is some news for all of our Canadian followers. While the new Blackberry Torch 9800 launched in the US on August 12th, there had still not been any solid date set for the Canadian launch. Well now it looks like the first launch party will happen on September […]

Leaked Video & Pictures: BlackBerry Bold 9780 Running BlackBerry 6

Thanks to BerryReview we now have a new video and Pictures of the Blackberry Bold 9780 Running OS6!   Video walkthrough (mobile link)

BlackBerry Oxford 9670 Overview

So the 9670 will be launching on Sprint soon and maybe even Verizon.  The fine folks over at BGR got their hands on a nice overview of the 9670.  Quick recap of the specs: Clamshell QWERTY flip device with a CDMA radio WiFi GPS 5MP camera 240×320 external display, 360×400 internal display Optical trackpad for […]

Leaked Photos Show RIM Product Positioning for Each BlackBerry Series

Have you ever wondered where your Blackberry fits int to RIM’s product position? I think all of us thought the Bold was for enterprise users, The Curve and Pearl series for consumers. Right? Well it turns out we were correct! So where does that leave the Torch and the Clamshell? I am guessing consumer, What do you […]

BlackBerry Bold R020 will replace the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Wouldn’t you think RIM would be replacing a high-end device with a brand new device, right?  Previous rumors stated that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 would be getting nothing more than a simple refresh.   The boys over at Boy Genius Reports have leaked an internal document with all kinds of goodies in it.   One of the […]

Photos Emerge of the Blackberry Tardis

With any new RIM device there is obviously a lot of R&D time put into making the final product.  And the new Torch is no different, which is exemplified by these shots of the Blackberry “Tardis”.  This appears to be a very early version of what is now know as the Torch 9800, and includes […]

Rogers Stores Start Receiving Torch Displays Without the Torch

  We brought you some information the other day that Rogers would be launching the new Blackberry Torch 9800 by mid September.  While news today has come out that the Rogers stores have started to receive their new displays, but  with no display units of the Torch.  This news will come as a disappointment to many Canadian […]

Leaked Photo: Blackberry 9850

Wow Driphter is on fire once more! Leaked images of a Blackberry 9850 running OS could this be the brother to the 9800 maybe CDMA? What is you opion of the leaked images is there a 9850, 9890? You be the judge drop us a line here on this post or head over to the […]

Is RIM Working on Blackberrys with External Antennas?

This photo surfaced of a Blackberry Pearl 9100 with an external antenna from BB Leaks.. RIM is known for their quality radio/antenna designs.This is a very interested photo is RIM getting ready to release an external antenna? What do you think? Drop us a line here on this post or head over to the NerdBerry […]