Leaked BlackBerry London is real, launching in Q3!?!?

So it seems that the “Blackberry London” device that has been rumored to be the first new BBX based Blackberry Smartphone, is to be a true and real device. Like with all rumors, and this one taken with a large grain of salt it salt, it seems that the new Blackberry London is set to be […]


Vodafone UK Gets White BlackBerry Bold 9900 Comes with AutoFocus?

Well we told you earlier today about Vodafone UK getting the new Blackberry Bold 9900! And the great thing is they will be getting the exclusive color the we all love, white! But looking at this leaked photo on the specs of the White Blackberry Bold 9900 it seems that the new Bold will have […]

All Touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 Coming to TELUS?

all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 it has shown its face a few times here and there. And Finally with this leaked image from TELUS it seems that the Blackberry Curve 9380 can be in your hands this holiday season, no official pricing or released dates at the moment but keep it lock to Nerdberry and be sure well […]

White BlackBerry Curve 9360 Dummy Units Hit Rogers Store

Dummy units for the Curve 9360 have started to arrive in the Rogers retail locations.

Comparison: The BlackBerry Bold 9790 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9700

Earlier we posted: Lots More Images of the BlackBerry “Bellagio” Bold 9790, one thing was missing from the images… A comparison of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 vs. BlackBerry Bold 9700! As you can see from the Images the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is a bit thinner then the BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780. Hit the break to see […]

The BlackBerry Curve 9370 to Launch on Verizon this month?

The image shown on this post listed the BlackBerry Curve 9370 releasing on Verizon. This is a rumor until an official announcement is made, but it appears as though the Curve 9370 will be offered with a $50 mail-in-rebate.

Lots More Images of the BlackBerry “Bellagio” Bold 9790

The BlackBerry “Bellagio” Bold 9790 has been making its round on the net in the form of a blurry image and one clear image. We now have tons of images of the BlackBerry “Bellagio” Bold 9790! Hit the break to see more.

RIM Confirms Blackberry Bold 9790 On Their Website As A Comparison To The 9780, A Strange Way To Let Users Know It’s Coming

The long rumored Blackberry Bold 9790 has been confirmed by RIM themselves, but not in the way that you would think. If you head to their site and want to compare a 9700 to a 9780, you will get a 9790 and a 9780.

The Playbook To Get Its Own Torrent Client Soon

PlayTorrent will be the first Torrent client made specifically for the Playbook. No release date has been set but there are a few screenshots out there, so you know this is a sure thing. hit the break for more photos

BlackBerry Bold 9790 gets redesigned buttons; launch in late November?

We have seen the Bold 9790 many different times but have never seen this image before. 

Rogers to Release the Blackberry Curve 9360 in White!

Well all love our Blackberrys, and most of the time our Berrys come in the usual flavor of Black. But we love the alternative colors to our beloved devices and Rogers helps us out with this one. Rogers has started to recieve its dummy units of the Blackberry Curves in the White flavors! And currently pricing […]

T-Mobile Readying Employees for BlackBerry Torch 9810 Training

We recently seen some leaked news coming about from T-Mobile on the new Blackberry 7 devices. And a new revamped design to their stores. T-Mobile employees getting thier training on the new Blackberry Torch 9810 and most carrier training occurs within a two-week launch period.

Research In Motion Intros HTML5 Push WebGL 3D for Blackberry PlayBook Browser

RIM is focus on the future. And with HTML5 the new internet standard, RIM is making its devices including BB6, BB7 and PlayBook and future BBX devices HTML5 applications the standard as well. RIM included the showing of WebGL (OpenGL) the power of 3D gaming on the Blackberry Playbook. Hit the jump for more photos.

BlackBerry PlayBook To Be Discontinued! -Say it isn’t so!

Our beloved Blackberry Playbook, the world first professional tablet, is to be discontinued. According to the leaked image from the inventory catalog from TELUS. This news could not have been more disappointing but there are a few things that just do not seem to add up quite right. With the Blackberry Playbook to receive it’s highly anticipated update […]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white appears on Dutch retailer website

The white Bold 9900 has once again shown its face; this time on a Dutch retailer showing delivery within three weeks. 

More Images of BBM Running on Android!

So this is getting really heavy, more images of BlackBerry Messenger running on Android have appeared again. We first saw the images just the other day , then it was shown that the images were faked. Now we have even more images and we are really not sure how to take them at this time […]

Sprint Curve 9350 Spotted in the Wild!

We reported that the Curve 9350 was being held up in production due to some issues but we found a picture that shows the phone with a Sprint splash screen and the Sprint badging on the device.  We also know that Sprint is hosting an event with RIM and more than likely we will hear […]

Blackberry Curve 9360 Pamphlet Arrives In Stores, Phone Not Far Behind?

The Curve 9360 was rumored to released on September 14th. That date has come and gone but We recieved news from TmoNews that shows the store pamphlets are starting to show up in T-Mobile stores.  This may mean that the launch for the phone is not far off, pure speculation here but we hope that […]

BlackBerry 9980 R47 “Porsche Knight” & BlackBerry Bold 9900 Compared Side by Side!

There have been a ton of photos emerge of the BlackBerry 9980 R47 “Porsche Knight”. From the looks of the “Porsche Knight” it appears to us that it is just really an expensive looking Bold 9900. The side by side images look great and showcase the styling of the “Porsche Knight.” Hit the break for […]

BlackBerry Bold 9790, Onyx III Caught On Camera Again!

Leaky, leaky it seems that the new Blackberry Bold 9790 is not bashful at all by showing itself off in front of the camera. The 9790 is rumored to be out and about by years end. And the specs on this nice smaller side of the Blackberry Bold 9900 from Gadzone are: 2.4-inch touchscreen, a full […]