Get The BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK 2.0 Beta 2 Download

RIM just released the Playbook Native SDK 2.0 Beta 2 and you can download it. What’s the changelog? * Device Detection – Working with connected devices is now easier, device and simulator are auto-detected while adding a target. * Improved Deployment Setup Wizard – The deployment setup wizard has been streamlined to ease the setup […]

The Source and Staples Are Both Offering The Playbook At $200 Off, Limited Time

The Source is selling the 16GB Playbook for $299 with the $200 off sale. Staples Canada is selling it for $499 but you get a $200 Staples Gift Card. These are currently the only Playbook sales happening at Canadian retailers at the moment.

Is Sprint Going To Launch The OS7.1 Update Tomorrow Or Is It Already Out For Some?

Some Sprint subscribers are reporting that they are getting an update already for OS7.1 on their devices. This is specifically for Blackberry Bold 9930’s. You can check “Check For Updates” through your device to see if you can download it already.

RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 Phones Coming in Q2 of 2012

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis confirmed today that after the earnings call that the new BlackBerry 10 phones will not be available until the second half of 2012. The delay is the culprit of the LTE chipset will not be available until Mid-2012, this chipset is needed to offer the expected battery life needed to run 4G. Not much more on this story […]

Jaguar Corp’s CEO Vic Alboini Still Not Done Talking About RIM Selling The Handset Business

I think Vic Alboini really wants RIM to sell their handset business. He has already talked about RIM on several different occasions just this year alone.

RIM Giving An Even More Discounted Rate For DevCon Europe 2012

Until December 23rd, if you sign up for DevCon Europe 2012, you will only have to pay €125. If you have attended past events in 2010 or 2011, you get another €50 off.

RIM stock falls below $20 a share, ahead of Earnings Call

Sadly today RIM stock share has falling to its lowest amount since May 2004 to $15.08. Not too sure as to what this will mean for the future of RIM but all markets have hickups. Reluctantly Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie will be giving the RIM earnings call for the numbers and projections for RIM. Keep it lock to […]

SIM-Free BlackBerry Bold 9790 Will be Available in the UK on January 9th

RIM announced that they will be releasing a SIM-Free version of the Bold 9790 that will be available in the UK on January 9th.

RIM Sends Out Invites To Select People For Their #BBMUgly Sweater Fan Night

As the invitation to the left shows, RIM is hosting an event for the BBN Ugly Sweater Fan Night. It is happening on December 21st and you are supposed to “wear your ugliest sweater.”

Carrier IQ Details about what Information is Collected from Your Smartphone

When we first heard news of CarrierIQ of how it was a major breech in Blackberry Security, being it that it was secretly tracking everything you do on your Blackberry. RIM has stated that although there is a Carrier IQ app available for download, but RIM says, they do not install the software or require carriers to do […]

How Blackberry App World 3.1 Gift Giving & Request Works

One of the new included features of Blackberry App World 3.1 is the new Gift Giving and or Request feature that allows you to request that a friend or family member pay for any application within App World. The new entire giving process works in the

Developers: RIM Opensources Java & WebWorks UI Frameworks

RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform.  WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has opened up the WebWorkds and Java UI framework to developers by making it opensource making things more useful and easier using the new BBUI.js framework

Aviva Insurance Issuing Out BlackBerry PlayBooks to Staff

Aviva Insurance is the latest company to join the PlayBook bandwagon. They have started to issue the PlayBook to their field agents. They plan to increase the use from 10 units at this time to 120 units over a 6 month period in early 2012. 

TeleNav GPS Plus for Verizon Customers Now Half Off!

Premium GPS application, TeleNav GPS Plus is now available on select Verizon BlackBerrys for only $10 per year (that’s 50% off!) for a limited time.

Video Collection Of Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011

Check out this extensive collection of videos from Blackberry DevCon Asia 2011. With topics ranging from Blackberry Jam to games on the Playbook, DevCon was really didn’t miss a thing! hit the break for the videos

Enter RIM’s #BBMUglySweater contest on Twitter and win some awesome prizes!

The holidays are coming up fast, #TeamBlackBerry get into the spirit of the season, with the Ugly Sweater Contest on Twitter. Here’s what you’ll need:

Indonesia Government Threatens to Stop BlackBerry Messenger

The Indonesian Telecommunication Body is upset with Research In Motion in an agreement that a new data center was to be built-in Indonesia, but now this data center is to be built-in Singapore instead. Indonesia government feels that they should have the data center should be established in their country. As a result Indonesian govern has threaten to stop BIS as […]

Update: BBM Generation Protégé Challenge Part 4

The BBM Generation Protégé Challenge is in full swing! Part 4 of the challenge is still open for submissions for a couple of days or so.

RIM Giving Away Tons of Gifts on Twitter! – Celebrate the #BerryHoliday season!

RIM is giving away some awesome gifts  starting next week in the US and Canada. They are running two contests, #BerryHoliday will run from December 12th to December 22nd and the second #JanuBerry will run from January 16th to January 27th. The contest is limited to the US and Canada excluding Quebec. The contest will […]

Blackberry App World Prices Are Changing To Accommodate Exchange Rates

The folks at RIM realized that by having App World available worldwide, the pricing for each app they would have to take the exchange rate into consideration. Check out the conversion spreadsheet from here.