RIM’s Blackberry 10 Inspires a New Generation of Developers

With the new release of the Blackberry SDK for the Blackberry 10 platform, RIM has really been pushing for development, the relationship between RIM and Developer has made thing easier for both parties. At the BlackBerry 10 Jam software developer conference in Toronto Thursday, Martyn Mallick, vice-president of global alliances and business Development at Research […]


Microsoft’s Surface NOT a Threat to Blackberry!

With the release of newly announced tablet from Microsoft in their new “Surface” line of devices, in all of its glory, to become a competitor in the tablet market. RIM steps in to let us know that Microsoft Surface is not a threat to RIM nor will it change the Blackberry Playbook which is slated to receive its Blackberry 10 update later […]

RIM to Begin Airing ‘Summer Daze with BlackBerry’ to UK Viewers!

As a apart of their new marketing campaign RIM is going to the heart of its consumer focus of 18-25 year old with a new ‘structured reality’ TV series entitled the “Summer Daze with Blackberry” it will air on Channel 4, that will follow a group of music fans around to summer festivals,

Former AT&T Employee Admits to Sharing Blackberry Sales Numbers to Investors!

With RIM Stock prices slowly creeping around the $11 mark its a wonder even with such positive new coming about finally for RIM that the stock price remains low. Today a former AT&T employee has admitted that he leaked insider information of Blackberry sales to investors. Alnoor Ebrahim, also leaked iPhone sales figures to traders.

QuickBerry Podcast Episode 19 Hosted By @BBSuperAbuser!

@BBSuperAbuser has brought us another exciting episode of the QuickBerry Podcast! @BBSuperAbuser is an  awesome theme developer from Pro Theme Designs (PTD) has set up a great podcast that give you the weekly BlackBerry headline roundup, from the most popular news sites around, with a little bit of fun, courtesy of the FuMP.com. Hit the […]

iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook thanks to Emulator

When you think of the BlackBerry PlayBook you obviously think about how RIM has allowed for Android apps to be used on the tablet.  Now we never thought that we would see iOS apps running on anything other than an Apple mobile device, but apparently someone forgot to mention this fact to one developer.  There […]

[Updated] Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Super Extended Life Battery for Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 Coming Soon!

***UPDATE: I just spoke to our Seidio Rep and this battery door Will NOT support NFC at this time…*** Tired of running out of battery life when you need it the most? When you can’t get to an outlet, our Innocell Super Extended Life Batteries will keep you moving forward. Our Extended Life Batteries utilize premium Japanese […]

T-Mobile stores start to receive Father’s Day promo materials

Well it looks like T-Mobile is going to be running another awesome Father’s Day promotion again.  As you can see from the promo  material that has already started to arrive in stores it looks like we are going to see another “All Phones Free!” promotion. Well we do not have that many details yet, I […]

Rim discontinuing the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook?

According to an email that a Crackberry forum member received it looks like RIM is going to be discontinuing the 16GB variant of the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Really this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us for several reasons.  The main one being that the 16GB version isn’t really suitable for the media hungry […]

RIM Builds Up Infrastructure For Upcoming LTE Devices?

Since it has been confirmed that there will be a Playbook LTE and on the Blackberry 10 devices, then RIM has to have the infrastructure for it to work. Though unconfirmed by RIM, it has been made known to several sources that RIM is getting it’s network prepared for the next generation devices.

Facebook to Buy RIM?!?

With the way things are going for RIM there is a lot of speculation as to will RIM succeed or fail? According to mobile marketing expert Paul Amsellem “Facebook needs to enter the hardware business, and it will do so by taking over BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and developing its own smartphone.” With that […]

RIM upgrading infrastructure hardware in anticipation of BlackBerry 10?

Rumor has it that RIM has started to perform some hardware and infrastructure upgrades in anticipation of the launch of BlackBerry 10.  The list of rumored upgrades include AppWorld updates, database updates, network capacity updates and potentially even more.

RIM may face a possible $1 billion write-off of unsold devices

With many users waiting for the release of BlackBerry 10 devices in the fall, RIM is possibly facing a large write-off of unsold units that are in stock.  The stockpile of PlayBook tablets and BlackBerry smartphones has swelled by over two-thirds in the pas year.  This abundance can be attributed to an 18% increase in […]

QuickBerry Podcast Episode 17 Hosted By @BBSuperAbuser!

@BBSuperAbuser has brought us another exciting episode of the QuickBerry Podcast! @BBSuperAbuser is an  awesome theme developer from Pro Theme Designs (PTD) has set up a great podcast that give you the weekly BlackBerry headline roundup, from the most popular news sites around, with a little bit of fun, courtesy of the FuMP.com. Hit the […]

RIM patent application points towards possible new unlock alternative

RIM has submitted quite a few patent applications over the last few weeks.  Previous applications have been for new keyboards, smartphone docks and even a potential foray into forensics peripherals.  The newest application from RIM points towards the possibility of a new “pressure sensitive” unlock alternative.  By the description that is attached to the application […]

RIM turns way from the idea of licensing BlackBerry OS and BBM

There have been rumors floating around for almost a year now about RIM looking at potentially licensing the BlackBerry OS or in the least BBM.  Today there are now reports that RIM has decided to table the idea and focus on developing and releasing the new BlackBerry 10 OS and devices.  We had heard from […]

Business Booming for Blackberry Sales in Indonesia!

Lovers, users, and those like me who are obsessed with their Blackberry, business is booming for Research In Motion in Indonesia.Telkomsel, the country’s biggest mobile phone operator, had 3.5 million BlackBerry users last year and aims for 5 million this year, according to Ricardo Indra, the operator’s head of corporate communications!

RIM Files Patent for Detecting Contamination, New Forensic Mobile Devices?

RIM just keeps it rolling with the patents, but this one is a little odd? RIM has filed a patent for an apparatus for detecting contamination of an object. A lot to say but if you read the full patent after the jump you can see that this new patent that is essentially a patent for a […]

New Blackberry 10 Keyboard on the iPhone Soon!?!

Mobile Link Thinking back to the keynote from Blackberry World in which Nerdberry was surely in attendance, RIM showcased off the new features of what is to be and come about onto all new Blackberry 10 devices keyboards. The new Blackberry 10 gave us a small glimpse of how the awesome keyboard that would use predictive text by placing words […]

Forthcoming BlackBerry Bridge rumored to be bringing some exciting features

According to Bla1ze over at Crackberry the forthcoming update to BlackBerry Bridge will bring some features that many users have been waiting for.  Now keep in mind that there isn’t any leaked documentation or anything to go on, but when it comes to things like this Bla1ze is someone who we tend to listen to. […]